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New Profile Posts

  1. HOTEL71
    Ya cant put a price on sanity!
  2. ShaggyMech
    Tx750 crazy. Anyone have a starter mechanism let me know.
  3. Niels B
    Niels B
    don't fix it if it isn't broke
  4. kevinxs1d
    No spark again?
  5. andy2175m4
    andy2175m4 Mikuni-Man
    Hi Mikuni Man, I have had the same carbs on my 650 for 46 years, worked well until now, sat for a year due to pandmic, gas gummed up and corroded carbs, I cleaned carbs thoroughly, but now it wont start. looks to me like a classic tiny passage somewhere is clogged, any ideas on how to clean out the carb passages ? All else is now cleaned up and looks good, but wont start. TIA, Andy
  6. QWERTYMage
    QWERTYMage Team Junk
    Hey hey. My phone number is 214-535-2172. I can meet you in Fredericksburg, Austin, or anywhere in between.

    If you want to see photos of the wheels, let me know. I can also take close-ups of the tires if you would like.
  7. MaxPete
    MaxPete TwoManyXS1Bs
    Hi Steve: I have been wondering where / how you are doing?
    You OK?
    1. TwoManyXS1Bs
      Hey, Pete!
      Just lost in a quagmire.
      It's dark in here...
      Jan 31, 2021
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  8. Wingedwheel
    Two HD’s, two Yamahas and a Honda plus the wife’s twins make 6
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  9. buzzword
    audible eyeroll.
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  10. Teddytootired
    Been There
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  11. MaxPete
    Still working on the 3-chicks build - but the CVMG Paris National Rally has been cancelled for 2021 - hopefully we're good for 2022!
  12. MaxPete
    Still working on the 3-chicks build - but the CVMG Paris National Rally has been cancelled for 2021 - hopefully we'll be good for June 2022!
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  13. Shipper
    Shipper lakeview
    Hey Lakeview gggGary recommended I reach out to you regarding my effort to obtain shifter forks for my tranny rebuild. Its a 1975xs650B and unfortunately there is no tab to attach pics until you respond. I need the three, four and five forks with the five being the most worn. Let me know if you have something on hand. Much appreciated. I'm just up the road 3 hours in Omemee.
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  14. jgimar
    jgimar gggGary
    Gary, heard tell you tuned a couple of 38 round slides for one of your 650’s. Can ya fill me in? I have a couple i’m trying to get to work and am having trouble. Any help thanks.
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  15. Grimmith
    Finally had time to make my e-box and batt. box mounts. Now to just do a bit more welding and I can get it painted and put back together.
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  16. Triggerton III
    Triggerton III
    1970 XS1B ----1977 CB750 K7 ----2019 Norton V4 SS---- 2020 Triumph Thruxton RS
  17. member16874
  18. Ricky_F
    Looking for some carbs 1979 SE/SF Special
  19. rick peden
    rick peden
    1980 xs650sg special
  20. Runninlean
    Model citizen, zero discipline