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New Profile Posts

  1. oxygeneuk
    Just saying hello as new to group. About to start building a custom XS650.
  2. wrmdovr
    If it were easy.....everyone would do it!
  3. 650Skull
    650Skull Young blood
    You would get responses to your questions if you stared some threads
    1. Young blood
      Young blood
      I guess I haven't figured out how to start a thread.
      Oct 23, 2016
  4. interacts
    interacts OripotoRaider
    I will put up measurement of stay tomorrow so you can double check on length
  5. Jmasters
    I am looking for a old school lane splitter style xs650 farely round 3500
  6. malarkey5
    First motorcycle!!!!
  7. Mharrington
    Mharrington Moisstink
    Are you certain the seat is indeed from a 1975 XS650?
    1. Moisstink
      It came off my 75 XS650 and I was told by the PO that is was re-upholstered. That's all I got.
      Oct 15, 2016
  8. Young blood
    Young blood
    Does anyone know if there is an 18", dual disc mag that looks like an XS mag?
  9. 1hi-rider
    Thank you for the add. Look forward to learning and sharing.
  10. Richard Ruppert
    Richard Ruppert
    Thanks for accepting me into the group. I've recently acquired a 1979 xs650 and can't wait to get it on the road.
  11. Young blood
    Young blood
    I want to eliminate my starter. Does anyone out there have any pointers? How much of the mechanism can I remove? Thanks in advance.
  12. Jim May
    Jim May XS650ROB
    Guess I have to reply to you this way. Noticed that I can not reply directly to your e-mail. OK, I'm at jlmay@tds.net I like your offer.
    1. Travis
      XS650ROB Started a private conversation with you. You received an email notification of the new conversation from the site. You can't reply to those notifications. You need to click the link in the email and it will send you to the conversation. You can also click 'Inbox' in the upper right part of any page.
      Oct 4, 2016
  13. Lito
    Now the fun starts.
  14. Vaughan07
    Vaughan07 stanleyxs
    A friend of mine is looking twin carbies have you still got them for sale please respond as soon as possible to vagn07@gmail.com
  15. trex650
    trex650 natek
    Are you looking for the plastic airbox side covers. If so I have a set off an 80 that have the decals on them as well
  16. 650ccdeathtrap
    Im new and have some questions, where would I be able to post for some help?
  17. Marlin72xs
    Marlin72xs BBQRider
    Hi BBQ, Sorry I missed you. I left about 5:30 Friday. I was in Ashville once back in 2000 and ate a a restaurant owned by a retired #2 AMA racer. I hope to ride through the Ashville mountains someday. Glad you guys had a good ride last weekend.
    1. BBQRider
      Sorry I missed you as well. I got in late Friday night. Your bike looks beautiful if you don't mind me saying so! I'm curious about the restaurant you ate at. You don't happen to remember the name or type of food? Hopefully we will meet at the next rally. I plan to go for sure. It was a blast.
      Sep 27, 2016
  18. natek
    *Seeking 76 & 80 strait side cover sets as well as 1 early model flat seat.
  19. TwoManyXS1Bs
    Clanking away on stuff
  20. Yammerhamner70
    I'm new to the group and I'm glad I found a group dedicated to these awesome bikes!!