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New Profile Posts

  1. aznpride_75
    aznpride_75 Josh Norton
    Hey what's up man. I was doing some digging and found an old post about you making foot clutch conversions. You still making them?
  2. Gator xs2
    Gator xs2 Mailman
    Hey Mailman. Gator here. After multiple attempts my engine guy is stumped why a OEM camchain for my XS2 is just a 1/2 a link short. Tensioner is out. Rear guide stopper install looks correct. So I wanna work backwards. My question. Will a cam chain tensioner, sprocket and all, come out of the cylinders without pulling the heads and cylinders?
  3. tzimmerm
    Member of the BUCKHORN GANG baby!!!
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  4. VladTheDrumpaler
    Long couple of weeks getting this thing trimmed out. Lots of new leads to the various equipment and cleaned up all of the ground contacts.
  5. azman857
  6. GLJ
    GLJ pamcopete
  7. Paul Sutton
    Paul Sutton
    Buckhorn Gang
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  8. Paul Sutton
    Paul Sutton
    Buckhorn Gang Member
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  9. Grimmith
    33rd annual Motor Cycle Expo in Iowa was a blast.
  10. lefty4137
    Looking for a green 1978 tank. Just picked up an all original 78 today....tank is dented and creased. Would like to keep it original!
    1. gggGary
      good idea to post a wanted in the classifieds, you'll get more response.
      Apr 7, 2019
  11. Cafe Murdock
    Cafe Murdock DogBunny
    Hey I uploaded pics of them air boxes
  12. LiveSlowDieWhenever
    LiveSlowDieWhenever Jim
    Hey Jim, just wanted to personally apologize for falling off the face of the earth. Im back to work on the bike again, and look forward to your insight on whatever comes next on this basket case. Cheers
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  13. Cafe Murdock
    Cafe Murdock
    Fall from Grace cafe n desperate need of cpr help plz
  14. Sorberjon11
    Wondering what electrical components are absolutely necessary for a clean up of the electrical system.Blinkers needed.
    1. Cafe Murdock
      Cafe Murdock
      Brother only electrical I got is litterally tail brake license and head light n that's it
      Mar 30, 2019
  15. Sorberjon11
    New Member. 1977 XS650
  16. G_YamTech_314
    Holy crap... winter is over already? Why does my build look the same?
  17. Henrythecat
    Henrythecat db1337
    Hello! Quick question: What size Heidenau K60 tires are on your bike in the pics. I wanna get a pair but im not sure what size to get. Thanks in advance!
  18. Carter5450
    Got her started up today it was a huge relief to hear the big twin come to life
  19. Grimmith
    Working on making my own custom tail light. Molding with epoxy and then hand carving.
  20. LeisureMaster
    That woohoo moment