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  1. TwoJugs
    TwoJugs cocinero196
    I have some mirrors but most everything is packed in storage. Moving at this time and won't have access for 10 months or so. Check back then.

  2. Fastestoldwheelieguy
    Fastestoldwheelieguy Nobby59
    Hey nobby59, I'm using Mikuni 34mm round slides. Excellent response. Easy to tune. If you stare at the bike hard enough, it will start!!
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  3. Fastestoldwheelieguy
    Fastestoldwheelieguy andytwins
    Hey Andytwins, There could be several problems. First, make sure there is nothing obstructing your shifter and that it can move freely up and down without binding on any part of the frame or cases. Second, the shifter is easily adjusted by removing the right case and making the necessary adjustment. There are a couple of good video's on YouTube to see how you do this.
  4. Nobby59
    What carbs for a 1974TX650 new or used if any one can help that would be great.
  5. Nobby59
    Thanks for the add
  6. andytwins
    why my XS on 1st gear always jump to neutral, what is the problem? please help for this my problem.
  7. CafeKings
    Need help with carbs problems on my 1981 xs650
  8. D_Wen503
    Hi I’m looking for a custom harness for my 82 XS running a pamco ignition. Where can I Dm or email you?
  9. Dubya
    San Antonio area. 74 TX-A.
  10. tzimmerm
    Just finished my BRC this weekend, preparing to ride my 77 this week!
  11. manduria
    what do you think of the metzler sportec klassik for a xs2
    1. manduria
      What other for my xs2?
      Mar 24, 2018
  12. Tim Meaders
    Tim Meaders
    Journeyman Duct Tape & Zip Tie Mechanic.
  13. flamesnm
    flamesnm artek
    Hi Artek. Covers look beautiful. Is shipping the the UK doable ? Any other photos as some of the photos on the site are no being rendered now.
  14. sean colleary
    sean colleary DADDYGCYCLES
    im looking for a wiring harness for my 79 xs650 im going to be running the pma kit, headlight with no high low switch, tale light brake light, kill switch, and electric starter with button on bars. people have been saying your the guy for custom harness.
  15. tzimmerm
    Back in the saddle! Two weeks ago I bought a ‘77 XS650 with 17,000 miles from the 2nd owner. Taking the BRC-1 this weekend!
  16. Bluesboy
    Bluesboy TwoManyXS1Bs
    Hello, Just read your instructions how to rebuild XS1 tachometer. Very nice. Would like to know if you would be willing to rebuild one tachometer from an XS1 for me? I don't think I could do that myself -it looks really complicated. I'm located in Sweden but can send the tacho to you. Please contact me . bjorn.lindblom@hos.sandnet.se Best Regards // Björn
    1. TwoManyXS1Bs
      Hello, Bluesboy. Sent you an email...
      Mar 16, 2018
  17. sean colleary
    sean colleary Chet Ironhorse
    hay man im starting my own scrambler build your bike looks epic !
    1. Chet Ironhorse
      Chet Ironhorse
      Thanks man... its taken over a year at this point.. I went the opposite direction of most folks. I started with the hard tail bike on the right.(in below image)

      Mar 16, 2018
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    2. sean colleary
      sean colleary
      Lol nice nice ya i live out in denver so i was thinking it would make a epic adv bike for some jeep trails or camping and fishing
      Mar 16, 2018
  18. Zedhead
    Zedhead XS1961
    Hi there - you say that you may have an alternator cover or two, how much would you want for one? And what kind of condition?
  19. sean colleary
    sean colleary
    drinkin beers and shiftin gears
  20. Andy342
    Andy342 rahndo
    How much for all your xs650 stuff?