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New Profile Posts

  1. Jacob Canada
    Jacob Canada
    Always loved the xs650 finally scored one and trying to get her dialed in. I have a 76.
  2. Chopperjohn1969
    A new member here from Chattanooga,TN
  3. weekendrider
    weekendrider Superjet
    5 star 6fiddy.
  4. Ronny V
    Ronny V
    always doing something
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  5. ba249k
    A new member here from Preston, Lancashire, UK.
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  6. alex f
    alex f
    If you see an purple xs chop running around the Cleveland area with a 13 foot fly rod strapped to the Sissy bar, say hi!
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  7. Grimmith
    Won my first bike show! :)
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  8. Grimmith
    Timing is such an annoying thing when you've no experience in it haha.
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  9. CafeKings
    New help with jettings
  10. 75Frank
    Slowly learning my curve.
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  11. Setroc
    Setroc theblackassassin
    Wondering if regulator was still available. Just figured out how to PM. Let me know. Thanks.
  12. Grimmith
    98% Done. Runs, but still getting that carb leak from the bowl....more issues..
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  13. bigstick1973
  14. Captainredeyez
    Hi I'm new to this forum and have some questions about a 77 xs650 I just got and in not sure where to start
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  15. Voodz34
    Voodz34 resto
    Hey resto. Hoping to connect to purchase tank badges and stator cover
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  16. Voodz34
    Voodz34 resto
    Hi, I’m in Winnipeg and interested in the triumph style pewter badges and Yamaha triangle stater cover
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  17. Bikernun
    Good evening all thanks for letting me be part of the clan
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  18. RideHardHaveFun
    I need ALL the help.
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  19. Marlin72xs
    Marlin72xs BBQRider
    Hey Steve. Keith with the 72 here. To answer a question from a year and a half ago, No, I do not remember the name of the restaurant. I'm actually going to see my son in Ashville at his new place possibly next weekend. Will try to eat at your place. Just need your address.
    Hey, by the way, I think you had the best 650 there last September. By the way, my little girl is now a 750. Ride carefully!
  20. Submariner
    REtired USN Submarine Force, REtired US Forest Service but I still go out on Forest Fires as a Camp Manager for some spending money.
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