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New Profile Posts

  1. G_YamTech_314
    Newbie. I’m ecstatic to be a part of this forum. Please let me learn with you all!
  2. Jayhip13
    Owner of a xs650 with pamco an I can't seem to keep it running .any help out there
  3. Josh Norton
    Josh Norton Chris k
    What’s up Chris? I’m not sure why we can’t PM, I tried too and couldn’t find it. Anyway, with this set up, it’s $175 plus shipping. (You ship me your side cover) I pay return shipping once everything is assembled.
    1. Travis
      They're called conversations in xenforo. Click the person's name then click 'Start a Conversation'.
      Nov 13, 2018 at 9:01 PM
  4. Machine
    Looking ahead to sharing a wonderful spring ride !
  5. JAX71224
    Life ain't easy when yer fat 'n greasy....
  6. xjwmx
  7. MrBultaco
    it ran before parked
  8. cooperxs650
    cooperxs650 Jmann8686
    Can you ship to Hamilton, Ontario?
    1. Jmann8686
      If your talking about the carbs they sold. Sorry I didn’t see this till now. If your talking about something else then yeah I can I would just have to get a shipping quote.
      Nov 3, 2018
  9. joe bike
    joe bike
    Thanks for adding me to this great forum!!
  10. pjc
    divorced, lol.........
  11. JimD54
    JimD54 weekendrider
    Open roads and sunshine brother. We'll miss you.
    1. robinc and gggGary like this.
  12. vlad_the_impaler
    1977 Yamaha XS650 brastyle 1967 Yamaha YL2C 1972 Honda SL125 2018 Kawasaki Z125
  13. Randy1952
    Randy1952 gggGary

    Need to get rid of my excess parts and motor. Would you be interested? Make you a deal you can't refuse.
    1. gggGary
      sure where and when? any pics?
      Oct 17, 2018
  14. Ceed Klumper
    Ceed Klumper
    Happy owner of the Blue 1976
  15. LiveSlowDieWhenever
    Getting after it
  16. LiveSlowDieWhenever
    LiveSlowDieWhenever Mailman
    Mailman, I've read through just about every page of your rebuild for inspiration! Finally made a profile here and just wanted to drop in and say hello from ny!
    1. gggGary likes this.
  17. LiveSlowDieWhenever
    LiveSlowDieWhenever gggGary
    GGGGAry, I've been lurking here long enough to finally create an account. It seems like every question you can "google" about an xs has your name somewhere in the thread so I thought I'd drop in and say hello and that I look forward to using your insight on this new project!
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  18. robinc
    robinc weekendrider
    Love the new avatar pic WER!
  19. Lowgear Moto
    Lowgear Moto
  20. trip
    Engine rebuild