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  1. weekendrider
    weekendrider Aardvark166
    I posted a link to this in the classified. If you have sold it please post and I can change the post.
  2. Aardvark166
    For sale; Put $762 & 200 hours.14K on a XS2. Runs good. $500. Denver area. Email, (303)761-8765. Nick or text little Nick @ (720)620-0082.
  3. Grimmith
    I'm so confused on the wiring for the electric and kick start combo. Back to the drawing board.
  4. 650Skull
    650Skull Cole connell
    No punctuation. Your sentence makes no sense. Start a thread if you want help
  5. Cole connell
    Cole connell
    if you ride with out a auto advance unit and you lose power if you install a pamco and a auto advance unit do you get the power back
  6. hotshoe
    Did something really stupid pressing the seal into my 1979 special right lower fork leg. Does any one have one for sale?
  7. hotshoe
    Did something really stupid pressing the seal into my 1979 special right lower fork leg. does any one have 1 for sale.
  8. TGOOD
    Fixed problem guys. It was the 4th gear spring. Much appreciated brothers
  9. selfmade
    New to here great forum
  10. Scooterbrain
    Just checking in for a minute or 10
  11. Levi R. Smith
    Levi R. Smith
    Well, I just made a decision on what to start for my first bike, the XS650 I believe is the way to go! now just time to find one....
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  12. Scott Halbleib
    Scott Halbleib Mendez78
    In regards to the powder coated xs650 wheel
  13. Grimmith
    Thinking of having a very loud horn....haha
  14. doctavee
    please let winter be over
  15. Jeepert88
  16. wrmdovr
    don't look back......press on!
  17. TGOOD
    Have grinding coming from starter when trying to start. Flywheel and starter teeth looks fine to me. Any ideas ??
    1. nj1639
      Jan 9, 2017
  18. Back Porch Choppers
    Back Porch Choppers
    Hey guys I'm new here and a novis chopper builder. Fresh off a pretty successful Triumph build and right into an XS (my first).
  19. desmoman900
    Eating, sleeping, drinking, and riding motorcycles
  20. Street Tracker
    Street Tracker
    I am back! Almost done let me figure out how to use this place again and I will update some pics. Pregrid your going to b impressed I hope.