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New Profile Posts

  1. Henrythecat
    Henrythecat db1337
    Hello! Quick question: What size Heidenau K60 tires are on your bike in the pics. I wanna get a pair but im not sure what size to get. Thanks in advance!
  2. Carter5450
    Got her started up today it was a huge relief to hear the big twin come to life
  3. Grimmith
    Working on making my own custom tail light. Molding with epoxy and then hand carving.
  4. LeisureMaster
  5. hallsteve35
    Going to have to sell my bike
  6. ramblin5
    Retired and Riding
  7. Jadga
    First 650 Bobber build
  8. raimitm
    raimitm rstar45
    Hey, just read your thread where you used the earth magnet solution. I've been doing the same, applying JB weld but it doesn't stay on more than 20 min on the highway. What did you do to keep it on? Let me know, thanks!
  9. Tim Meaders
    Tim Meaders
    I will not be another old man riding a Harley! But, I will be another old man riding a Yamaha XS650.
  10. Steven Simpson
    Steven Simpson
    1981 xs650 chopper current build
  11. JAX71224
    Gathering parts for cruisinimage 706 bore up and shell cam. Gonna have a little more oomph next spring, I hope......
  12. ninedub
  13. moto101
    Back at the hardtail build and trying to keep the others happy.
  14. Jirish650
    Any one Have a G&L chopper frame they want to sell??
  15. swiss_xs650_zh
    Hello from switzerland. I‘am new here, hope i can find here some new inspirations for my xs650. Some one else from switzerland or europe?
    1. samoran1
      Welcome to the forum. A full year of inspiration is in the 2019 XS650 calendar! In the store or on main page.
      Jan 18, 2019
  16. Duffman
    Hello everyone, happy new year from Queensland, hopefully I’ll make a few friends with fellow XS enthusiasts and learn a bit
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    2. XSsex50
      Welcome dude, you will find tones of info on this site.
      Jan 1, 2019
      Duffman likes this.
    3. Duffman
      Thank you XS
      Jan 2, 2019
  17. Duffman
    Working on an XS650 Bobber
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  18. Grimmith
    Successfully made a gas cap cover. black, green, skulls n stuff.
  19. raimitm
    raimitm gggGary
    Hey Gary,

    Any chance you have a TCI box for a 1983 xs650? JimD54 said you might have one for sale.
    My bike won't rev with the regulator plugged in.
    If you have any ideas about this let me know. Just replaced my regulator with no luck.
  20. lbtracemobi