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New Profile Posts

  1. LustMotorcycles
  2. Bob Kelly III
    Bob Kelly III
    1982 XS650cc Heritage special
  3. MaxPete
    Waiting for the snow to leave, the rain to come and the salt to be washed away....
  4. fivestring
    fivestring crankel85
    Good guy. Carried through on a deal without a hitch. Pleasure meeting you.
  5. xs650bobber
    xs650bobber DIRTY DOG
    What if I offered you 2800 for your red bobber upon a few contingency?
    1. DIRTY DOG
      what few contingency's ?? pm me or call me 740 259 0295 Dan
      Mar 12, 2017
  6. phatbiker
    phatbiker Street Tracker
    Street tracker. I saw the front brake setup you have on the XS with the Knight Tank and Tail installed. While I am not in the market for the body pieces I am curious how you fitted the Yamaha blue dot caliper to what appears to be stock xs650 forks? Did you make or purchase and adapter? I am curious how to duplicate the set-up as I am trying to keep my tracker mods all Yamaha. Thanks
  7. reverbtank
    '73 TX650 survivor, not restored
  8. James Beals
  9. Rasputin
    Waiting for summer.
  10. pstrpaul
    Trying to enter the giveaway!
  11. Paddy
    Here is my '79.
  12. 79xs650e
    Here she is...
  13. Pvfoto
    75 xs650 in the works!
  14. scottanhischop
    hello..im a new member with an old chop,hopefully will be on the black stuff again this year
  15. Grimmith
    2017 XS650 ChopOff Started!
  17. AdamN
    Hi all. First time to the site. I am looking to hardtail a XS650. I am considering a '75 or a '83. Any reason to go one way or the other?
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    2. AdamN
      Oh well, time to find another XS to buy. I am looking to hardtail it, lower the forks, etc., etc. I am with you on the old HDs. I love the knucklehead motor. But a pan, shovel, or even eve would suite me fine too.
      Mar 8, 2017
    3. AdamN
      Are you on Chop Cult too?
      Mar 8, 2017
    4. AdamN
      Question for you....On the '83 I was looking at, the case is black from the factory. Any experience with removing the black paint or powder coat? I like the look of the all natural motors with say half of the cylinder painted black. It won't be a deal breaker for me if the deal goes through, but I am curious.
      Mar 8, 2017
  18. Jimmer618
    I need help with a mikuni 38
  19. Gcraay
    Gcraay mrtwowheel
    The levelness isn't the only issue, the front end would have stuck up and really just didn't work with depth of the tunnel. The Triumph engine sat way lower that allowed clearance. I'm not done yet, everything may change.
  20. Redman2932
    Redman2932 DADDYGCYCLES
    Looking for a wiring harness for my '83 650. I will be running the entire upgraded Ignition and charging kit from mikes. You have any suggestions or products u offer?