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  1. weekendrider
    weekendrider Jacob nicholas
    Hi Jacob. Welcome to the site. You will have better results posting your question in the garage.
    Here is a link. http://www.xs650.com/forums/the-garage.2/
    To post click the "Post New Thread" button (orange) on the right side of the page under the sub-forum listings.
  2. weekendrider
    weekendrider MountainSilverFox
    To address your question the vacuum operated petcocks operate with a vacuum line from the intake boot on the engine side of the carb. The engine vacuum opens a diaphragm in the back of the petcock allowing fuel to flow. Manual petcocks have just the selector to block or open the (shit my brain went blank looking for the word) aperture, channel, to allow fuel to flow from the tank to the carbs.
  3. weekendrider
    weekendrider MountainSilverFox
    Hello and welcome to the site ountianSilverFox. You can get quicker responses to inquiries by starting a new thread in the garage.
    Here is a link. http://www.xs650.com/forums/the-garage.2/
    Click the "Post New Thread" button on the right side just under the sub forum listings.
    You can also view past threads on the subject by using the search function in the upper right hand corner.
  4. Scooterbrain
    looking for transmission shaft end-play specifications and gear end-play specifications
  5. Jacob nicholas
    Jacob nicholas
    Can someone help me. I just rebuilt my xs650 carb. Cleaned the filters, and the gas, and it still isn't staying running :(
  6. MountainSilverFox
    Can anyone tell me the difference between the vacuum and non-vacuum petcock? How do I tell which I need?
  7. RichardxRose
    RichardxRose pamcopete
    HEY PETE! Got a question! My e advancer boxs labeling sticker came off, and I need to know out which side is which. (To coil, to sensor) can't find it anywhere and could really use some guidance.
  8. BajaKiter
  9. XSsex50
    1972 XS650 Bratstyle 1984 XS650 Hardtail Bobber - Work in Progress. 2003 XR250 Scrambler - Work in Progress. 1972 Honda Z50A Restored
  10. weekendrider
    weekendrider Tom Hawk
    The letters correspond to years. 77=D, 78=E, 79= F etc. so an 81 would have an H designation.
    Tom, you would have better results by posting on one of the boards. For mechanical problems or general questions, I'd suggest the garage.
    Here is a link. http://www.xs650.com/forums/the-garage.2/
    Welcome to the site.
  11. Tom Hawk
    Tom Hawk
    how do i know if my 81 is a 650 G, or H?
  12. Tom Hawk
    Tom Hawk
    please help i broke valve guide, what can i do for little or no money? John 715 302 211six. this laptop pos!
  13. Tom Hawk
    Tom Hawk
    please help i broke valve guide, what can i do for little or no money?
  14. XSFAN56
    The good thing about science is that its true whether or not you believe it.
  15. doncon
    doncon XS650_Bobber
    Do you still need fenders & starter for an 80xs?
  16. Grimmith
    YAAAAAAYYY it was a 79' standard. Though it's going together fairly well, some wires are still different colors.
  17. Jake walker
    Jake walker
    i have 79 xs650 can i use stock charging system with a Boyer Electronic Ignition Micro Power do i need to keep pickup coil on stator?
  18. Sterling95
    Sterling95 Jessezm
    Jesse...Yes, I still interested on the forks...what I can I do to help this along!!
  19. gggGary
    gggGary Willy D
    hard to see the guide, but have you opened the sump plate recently? Front cam chain guide rubber coming adrift will let the chain start chewing it's way through the aluminum guide.
    1. Willy D likes this.
    2. Willy D
      Willy D
      I did change oil recently and sump plate gasket cause it was leaking, but I just dumped oil didn't bother checking it for anything I've just recently started realizing that what you're saying is probably what's going on all signs point to it, now I've got to learn how to fix it seems like a big job, thanks for input
      May 19, 2017
      gggGary likes this.
  20. Simebone
    Fixing whatever broke on my bike this week.