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New Profile Posts

  1. TwinLewi
    TwinLewi Ozboy
    Thanks for the nice welcome. I am down in Victoria. Close to Phillip Island. Are you in Straya?
  2. Godric
  3. buzzword
    I’m back...
  4. NorazDad
    I have successfully installed anHHB CDI and have stopped a persistent oil leak and have ridden three hundred mile with no issues.
  5. ExSquid
    ExSquid Tim Meaders
    Payment has been sent! Thanks in advance. Hell, I should have driven up there and handed you the money.
  6. Cafe Murdock
    Cafe Murdock OHRider
    Man i luv the beemer single side sa
  7. Greyandridin
    Too soon to old Too Late too smart
  8. Cafe Murdock
    Cafe Murdock Ratranger
    Luv the tracker
  9. Last930
    Last930 db650
    Still have the 72. 650 for sale? If so, please give me a call at 630-269-0323.
  10. Tim Meaders
    Tim Meaders
    In business I've been a very successful failure. In life I'm a total success with my wife of 39 years and a daughter I'm extremely proud of.
  11. rbirkey
    Currently working on a 1977 XS650D
  12. JaxShane650
    Working on getting this old pig back on the road for the summer
  13. KC 120
    KC 120
    Hope all is well. Ride safe out there!
  14. onkelheri
  15. Grimmith
    it finally runs...correctly.. lol now to work on my new scrambler project.
  16. aznpride_75
    aznpride_75 Josh Norton
    Hey what's up man. I was doing some digging and found an old post about you making foot clutch conversions. You still making them?
  17. Gator xs2
    Gator xs2 Mailman
    Hey Mailman. Gator here. After multiple attempts my engine guy is stumped why a OEM camchain for my XS2 is just a 1/2 a link short. Tensioner is out. Rear guide stopper install looks correct. So I wanna work backwards. My question. Will a cam chain tensioner, sprocket and all, come out of the cylinders without pulling the heads and cylinders?
  18. tzimmerm
    Member of the BUCKHORN GANG baby!!!
    1. Jim likes this.
  19. VladTheDrumpaler
    Long couple of weeks getting this thing trimmed out. Lots of new leads to the various equipment and cleaned up all of the ground contacts.
  20. azman857