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New Profile Posts

  1. Noidea
    Noidea pregrid
    Yo your pretty cool and I've seen you post around I dont have a problem with you and shit but your profile picture always pisses me the fuck off for some reason haha its just annoying as fuck seeing that weird hybrid combo
  2. JWH
  3. David1963
    Chasing discontinued Yamaha Part #341-25854-00 1974 TX650A Master Cylinder Reservoir Diaphragm Master cylinder & disc brake reconditioned
  4. joe rob
    joe rob
    New to the forms. Anyone ever change a xs650 to shaft drive?
  5. TomasM
  6. Voztuvas
  7. weekendrider
    weekendrider elrichjoshua
    Welcome to the site elrichjoshua. In the orange colored bar you can find the search button to search the site. Type Pamco setup there. Or click on forums, then the garage and you will find the "start a new thread" button on the right side of the page. You can then ask specific questions or explain where you are at installing your Pamco. Pictures help us to "see" what you are doing or asking about.
  8. cocinero196
    cocinero196 SlowMaintenance
    hi nick, pls check the pm I sent. thanks
  9. fcbaker
    fcbaker gggGary
    Need some info on float height. Have an 80 Special with BS34's with plastic floats. What is the proper float level. The Clymer manual says 27.3 mm but I've read that is for brass floats. The plastic floats I'm told should be set at 22.1 mm. I tried the plastic setting and gas started leaking out of the vent. Would appreciate advice. Thanks in advance.
  10. cocinero196
    cocinero196 SlowMaintenance
    hi nick, pls check the pm I sent you re: gauge you sold me.
  11. Jshamwow
    Hey new guy here to the forum but not to xs650s. I had a chopper that I sold and am working finishing up on a Brat style xs.
  12. elrichjoshua
    I am building an xs650 and have a problem and questions about the pamco set up. Don't know how to navigate this site to ask . Help!!!
  13. Almaha
    Thankyou xs 650 forum to help me realize n diagnos things while riding a 36 yr old bike
  14. 74-Chop
    Myre eye-og un foy heb neb un ey err-lid
    1. TwoManyXS1Bs
      When mine sounds like that,
      I take the choke off...
      Aug 21, 2017
      74-Chop likes this.
  15. Gratger66
  16. Lou
    1980 XS650 Special
  17. Jesse_Jaymz
    Chopping it up!!
  18. Stever_G
    To nice a weather for a leaky head gasket.
    1. Simebone likes this.
  19. Jesse_Jaymz
    Chopping it up!
  20. Guss80special
    Over my head :)