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  1. ekestle
    ekestle Scooterbrain
    I thought you sold that bike?
  2. browndawg
    browndawg Ratranger
    Hey mom, my name is Taylor Brown and I'm the Editor-in-Chief at BikeBound.com -- the largest US-based customs blog. We'd LOVE to feature the Sumotrack on the blog! Email us photos if interested and we'll reply with some questions about the build: taylor@bikebound.com. Cheers!
  3. Paul Sutton
    Paul Sutton
    Sprained Ankle
  4. G_YamTech_314
    Life gets weird, roll with it!
  5. rhammett01
    Just need to adjust valves, add fuse block, test electrical, get some oil pumping up to the cam, and start it for the first time in years.
  6. RonXS
    RonXS resto
  7. YamaHopper
    Anybody Want This Thing?
  8. yamahama
    yamahama buzzword
    buzzword, thanks, however, I found one and it's on the way.
  9. fatman61
    rattle noise when riding. not at a specific rpm, accel or decel, also not pulling hills or grades, why it doesn't happen pulling hills ?
  10. yamahama
    yamahama buzzword
    Do you have a points backing plate under that left side points cover? I could use one.
    1. buzzword
      Sure do - how soon would you need it?
      May 19, 2020
  11. Anthony1993
    hey guys i need help making a thread or posting something. i have a question in regards to my 650
  12. rshane53
    Waiting for this crazy Pa weather to moderate. Need to get the 77 sorted out and ready to go for the nice weather.
  13. motorbikerx
    motorbikerx TwoManyXS1Bs
    Gday mate! Shoulda known you'd be on this forum too
    Sold my last XS shortly after buying the Vegas.
    1. TwoManyXS1Bs likes this.
    2. TwoManyXS1Bs
      Oh, hey motorbikerx.
      I just found you on the Vic forum.
      Another busy place...
      May 9, 2020
  14. billy icon
    billy icon Steve C
    hello steve, Im "billy icon" but my name is Adam. Im also in portland, well Mt hood but im in porrtland every other day or so,
  15. kshansen
    kshansen chewblanca
    Knock knock! Are you there? Ths lathe parts should have been at your monday. Have not heard anything from you yet!
  16. RonXS
    RonXS ThatXS650Guy
    Hi Jim. I just posted a question on your XS500 rear wheel swap. It just dawned on me that you probably don't get a notification since you didn't start the 18/18 thread. Could you please take a look? Thanks Ron

    Here's a link
  17. azman857
    Going mental with this self isolation stuff.
  18. Grimmith
    ugh...relocating wires and switches is such a pain in the ass...
  19. MrBultaco
    The original MR. BULTACO
  20. popes11
    Not been on here in ages. Anyway, anybody have any idea what the original XS650 from the Haynes manual would be worth.