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New Profile Posts

  1. Pigford
  2. Ricky_F
    Looking for some carbs 1979 SE/SF Special
  3. rick peden
    rick peden
    1980 xs650sg special
  4. Runninlean
    Model citizen, zero discipline
  5. Hightower-Ash98
    Remember the $200 XS? a $200 TX750 is in the works...
  6. Rasputin
    It’s one more powerful example of how we in the free world can draw closer together using high technology as a tool.
  7. Machine
    Fall Garage XS project time is in the air.
  8. Glenn R
    Glenn R samoran1
    Shawn > Just completed the 7 Jul Glenn R file. Let me know if you need anything else. Thank You. Glenn
  9. electrical majic
    electrical majic
    We replicate any engine, on the cheep, forget the high prices of today, we have a zero overhead which is the reason we can do what we do !
  10. dreambdg
    Fuck covid19!!
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  11. Grimmith
    over 40 hours of grinding and welding done. re wrapped and stained my shifter. can't wait for future parts to get here.
  12. maximusrising
    maximusrising gentlemanjim
    Hello, still doing carbs? 1983 stock set up, I think I could benefit from your expertise
  13. 73TX650blueflake
    Hoping to locate another grab bar as the one on this TX is quite crusty. I may look into getting it re-chromed in winter. Anyone know part#?
  14. Hightower-Ash98
    I picked up my Harley today
  15. ekestle
    ekestle Scooterbrain
    I thought you sold that bike?
  16. browndawg
    browndawg Ratranger
    Hey mom, my name is Taylor Brown and I'm the Editor-in-Chief at BikeBound.com -- the largest US-based customs blog. We'd LOVE to feature the Sumotrack on the blog! Email us photos if interested and we'll reply with some questions about the build: taylor@bikebound.com. Cheers!
  17. G_YamTech_314
    Life gets weird, roll with it!
  18. rhammett01
    Just need to adjust valves, add fuse block, test electrical, get some oil pumping up to the cam, and start it for the first time in years.
  19. RonXS
    RonXS resto
  20. YamaHopper
    Anybody Want This Thing?