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New Profile Posts

  1. MaxPete
    MaxPete TwoManyXS1Bs
    Hi Steve: I have been wondering where / how you are doing?
    You OK?
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  2. Wingedwheel
    Two HD’s, two Yamahas and a Honda plus the wife’s twins make 6
  3. Machine
    Stop procrastinating, Starting tomorrow
  4. buzzword
    audible eyeroll.
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  5. Teddytootired
  6. MaxPete
    Still working on the 3-chicks build - but the CVMG Paris National Rally has been cancelled for 2020 - who knows about 2021?
  7. MaxPete
    till working on the 3-chicks build - but the CVMG Paris National Rally has been cancelled for 2020 - who knows about 2021?
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  8. Shipper
    Shipper lakeview
    Hey Lakeview gggGary recommended I reach out to you regarding my effort to obtain shifter forks for my tranny rebuild. Its a 1975xs650B and unfortunately there is no tab to attach pics until you respond. I need the three, four and five forks with the five being the most worn. Let me know if you have something on hand. Much appreciated. I'm just up the road 3 hours in Omemee.
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  9. jgimar
    jgimar gggGary
    Gary, heard tell you tuned a couple of 38 round slides for one of your 650’s. Can ya fill me in? I have a couple i’m trying to get to work and am having trouble. Any help thanks.
  10. Grimmith
    Finally had time to make my e-box and batt. box mounts. Now to just do a bit more welding and I can get it painted and put back together.
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  11. Triggerton III
    Triggerton III
    1970 XS1B ----1977 CB750 K7 ----2019 Norton V4 SS---- 2020 Triumph Thruxton RS
  12. member16874
  13. Ricky_F
    Looking for some carbs 1979 SE/SF Special
  14. rick peden
    rick peden
    1980 xs650sg special
  15. Runninlean
    Model citizen, zero discipline
  16. Rasputin
    It’s one more powerful example of how we in the free world can draw closer together using high technology as a tool.
  17. Machine
    Fall Garage XS project time is in the air.
  18. Glenn R
    Glenn R samoran1
    Shawn > Just completed the 7 Jul Glenn R file. Let me know if you need anything else. Thank You. Glenn
  19. electrical majic
    electrical majic
    We replicate any engine, on the cheep, forget the high prices of today, we have a zero overhead which is the reason we can do what we do !
  20. dreambdg
    Fuck covid19!!
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