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thelowlife's Recent Activity

  1. thelowlife attached a file to the thread Multi Build - 72' and 80' chops Back at It!!.

    Well good news I was able to wet sand and polish out the tank. Waiting for some new buffing pads and I'll be able to get this thing...

    IMG_1432.jpg 60298586800__8D450651-4416-410F-82D5-D253C8B7BC4E.JPG 60298587446__B1D20816-F60D-4FDD-B28F-80C931F15514.JPG 60298607152__EF10B96C-E36E-497C-B8F7-D4CEFB4C1813.JPG 60299424392__E29E1C3B-814E-4DA1-B72D-6F68E1A1DD10.JPG Feb 11, 2020 at 1:28 AM