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XS650.com Store - Calendars and Decals

Calendar Update 12/22/16

The initial pre-sale is over and the calendars were ordered early this week, but you can still order one of the extras using the Add to Cart button below. It will ship once the calendars are in-hand and after the pre-sale orders are filled. Once they are sold out the shopping cart won't let you purchase one and the button will be removed shortly after. Thank you everyone for another great calendar!

Pre-order your 2017 XS650 Calendar!

2017 Yamaha XS650 Calendar

This is our 5th year doing XS650 Calendars and it's going to be another great one! We are having a short pre-sale to make sure everyone who wants one can get one (or as many as you want), and then the calendars will we ordered and printed. Be sure to place your order during the pre-sale to be guaranteed the number of calendars you want. The presale ends at 11 pm CST on December 18th. After the pre-sale a limited number of calendars will be available and when they're gone, they're gone. To order multiple calendars, click Add to Cart and then change the quantity in the cart. These Calendars are being sold and shipped by Moran Design Company (username samoran1). The Add to Cart button below will send you to their shopping cart.

For a preview and more information on the 2017 XS650 Calendar pre-order see: http://www.xs650.com/threads/47905/

2017 XS650 Calendar: $18 plus shipping.

View the calendar voting thread.

View the calendar nomination thread.

The decals blow are sold by XS650.com. The Add to Cart button above is for the 2017 XS650 Calendar being sold by Moran Design Company. There are two separate shopping cart systems. If you want to order a calendar and an item below, you will need to checkout once for each cart.

Grab a decal for your bike, refrigerator, tool box, car, etc!

Order a couple XS650.com decals and help support XS650.com! These are quality vinyl cut decals that measure 1.187" tall by 5.1" wide. The picture below is the actual decal applied to a black surface.

If you have any problems at all with the shopping cart, please email admin@xs650.com. To make a purchase, you can use a credit card or your PayPal account. You do not need a PayPal account to use a credit card.

XS650.com Decal
$5 for the first decal and $3 for each additional decal.

Select the quantity after adding the item to your cart.

Free shipping world wide!

XS650.com is owned by Trav, LLC and your credit card or PayPal invoice will reflect a charge from Trav, LLC. If you have any questions about how to make a purchase, please email admin@xs650.com. Each purchase helps support the site. Thank you for your support! If you have any questions, please email admin@xs650.com or support@travllc.com.

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