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For Sale - 1980 Parts bike many parts for sale, frame, motor, wheels etc..

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by luke, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. luke

    luke XS650 Enthusiast

    What i have left:

    sportster tank 50
    both stock side covers flat black 20
    reg rectifier 50
    stator 50
    tci (1980) 50
    6 inch dog bone risers 30
    2 pairs of "z" bars 25 each
    batt box and oil tank combo 25
    left side stator cover 25
    front brake rotor 10
    front axle and spacers 20
    solo seat pan and mount 20
    stock headlight housing and mounts 25
    all motor mounts 15
    chain and sprockets (34 and 17 tooth) 30

    if you would like pics of anything just PM me your email..im in northeast FL
  2. SangreDeDios

    SangreDeDios XS650 Addict

    sent you a pm.
    Im interested in the zbars, batt box oil tank and the seat.
    Let me know.
  3. bsdoig

    bsdoig XS650 Enthusiast

    Sent PM
    Also interested in the batt/electrical boxes and seat.
  4. Hopper

    Hopper XS650 Addict

    PM sent on motor mounts
  5. Mcnabb

    Mcnabb XS650 Addict

    Can you send me a pm on what u want for the motor and frame thanks
  6. Mcnabb

    Mcnabb XS650 Addict

    O nevermind there not on your list. Lol. Sorry
  7. daymay801

    daymay801 XS650 Enthusiast

    I'll take the motor mounts if their still available?

    CHOOKS XS650 Enthusiast

    i know its not listed but do you have a rear brake pivot arm?
  9. Hopper

    Hopper XS650 Addict

    Luke...received parts today...Thanks for the great transaction.

  10. sgallaty

    sgallaty Antihero

    i bought crap from luke, he's cool
  11. luke

    luke XS650 Enthusiast

    batt box, motor mounts, reg and tci are gone, thanks to everyone who has bought anything!
  12. luke

    luke XS650 Enthusiast

    Sorry i dont have the rear brake pivot arm
  13. bills79bobber

    bills79bobber XS650 Member

    pics of stator and isit working
  14. sbtm

    sbtm XS650 Enthusiast

    Are the side covers the 1" flat bracket or round grommet mount?
  15. lawrgj

    lawrgj XS650 Addict

    I will gladly take the stator cover luke
  16. brutus79

    brutus79 XS650 Member

    How about the frame itself? I am looking for an intact 79 XS650 Special II frame to replace the one I have that has been chopped. Not sure what years and models used the same frame.
  17. simon

    simon XS650 Member

    i need the starter kit
  18. XS Woody

    XS Woody XS650 Enthusiast

    Do you still have the tci (black box) for the ignition & does it work ? Thanks ..Charlie

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