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Make Offer - 1980 xs650 project bike

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by LOWBOY925, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. LOWBOY925

    LOWBOY925 XS650 Member

    Hey all. I rode this bike for about a year. Then I decided to try and chop it....Didn't end up having money, so I put it back together...Or tried..As it sits, it's missing a seat, bars, and pegs..Might need to have the wiring checked.
    The motor was never touched so it will run fine.
    I don't have a title. I bought it from a former police officer in Seattle, who said that it is clean.
    Great bike, but I just am not a bike mechanic...

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  2. bigsizeengine

    bigsizeengine XS650 Enthusiast

  3. robotoe

    robotoe das boob

    If this is still available, I'm interested. Let me know. Thanks.
  4. LOWBOY925

    LOWBOY925 XS650 Member

    Hey all, the price is now 900 for the 1980 xs650.
    It turns over, has great compression. But might need new brushes. Need to sell!
  5. bigsizeengine

    bigsizeengine XS650 Enthusiast

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