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For Sale - 1982 Yamaha YZ125 Parts Lot (Engine, Shocks, Fuel Tank and Seat2

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Mott Yamaha, Aug 22, 2019.

  1. These parts are from a 1982 Yamaha YZ125H. All of the items pictured are included in this lot. Some of the parts with OEM numbers included below. $499.99 or best offer. We do not normally monitor this site. If you have any questions regarding this item. Please call 989-240-5015. Ask for Dennis.

    Left Engine Crankcase 4V2-1 20190806_112223.jpg 20190806_112240.jpg 20190806_112254.jpg 20190806_112314.jpg 20190806_113035.jpg 20190806_113251.jpg 20190806_113333.jpg 20190806_143953.jpg 20190806_144019.jpg 20190806_144031.jpg 5111-00-00
    Right Engine Crankcase 4V2-15121-00-00
    Kick Starter 3R3-15620-00-00
    Fuel Tank Comp. Yellow 3R3-24110-00-00
    Barrel Cylinder 4V2-11311-00-00
    Head 4V2-11111-00-00
    Exhaust 4V2-14610-00-00
    Rear Mono Shock 1C3-22200-F0-00
    Front Shocks 4V2-23101-L0-00
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2019

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