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2013 xs650 build off bikes

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Irish_prick, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. I am Carbon

    I am Carbon shade tree mechanic XS650.com Supporter

    I've been working on the frame.
    I have the side panels under the seat ready for paint.
    The left side is solid
    the right side has a access hatch to get at the fuses n flasher
  2. Inevitable

    Inevitable XS650 Addict

    Test ride today...and oh what a great day it was =).

    Yes my eyes are closed in the picture...but I was a little high on life after ridding for a few hours =)

    There were a few problems though. My bike started up fine yesterday, however when I went to start her up today the 8 cell antigravity battery I am using was completely drained...bike was not on for any extended time, and I tested a different battery which worked fine and didnt drain, however I did have to bungy it to the side of my frame to get it to work. Any thoughts?

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  3. jdizon

    jdizon XS650 Guru

    Nice job! Bike looks good

  4. Irish_prick

    Irish_prick master of the cut'n wheel

    So ive been work'n with daneil at Pandemonium on this build off party. A friend of mine and i rode the ride Yesturday. Its rite at 100 miles with 5 stops. We'll be have'n a pre-party friday at Pandemoniun so everyone just meet there eat some good food hangout and check out the Pandemonium shop.we'll camp over nite there then do the ride the next day. the 1st bike out will around be at Noonish. the 3rd stop will be my place for food a cookout of hotdogs burgers and chicken lags, you know cookout food. im do'n this so we do have to wait on a cook at any of the stops. i have a few small details to work out yet but it should be a good time. anyone who is think'n on go'n come PLZ let me know so we have enough food/drinks at both my place and pandemonium.
  5. Inevitable

    Inevitable XS650 Addict

    Ok I think I figured out my battery issue...I don't think the PMA was grounded properly and I was running on just the battery >.<.

    That being said my hydraulic clutch mod should be here today or tomorrow, and I will be able to install this weekend =)
  6. I am Carbon

    I am Carbon shade tree mechanic XS650.com Supporter

    Inevitable, fine job.
    I like it a lot! :thumbsup:
    Now ride! ride like the wind!:bike:

    I painted my frame today.
    It looks okay but not great
    satin black like the wheels
  7. plane_ben

    plane_ben XS650 Junkie

    Now that's a garage picture I can relate to. R/C's hanging from the roof, smoker ready to fire up, and a motorcycle project to fill in your spare time.:laugh:

    I'm an R/C'er too, just been on hiatus for a couple years.
  8. Irish_prick

    Irish_prick master of the cut'n wheel


    can you plz email me a pic of ur project so far. im work'n on some advertising for the ride and need a few good pic's of the bikes

    email Mcgriff1983@gmail.com
  9. JP50515

    JP50515 XS650 Junkie

    Here's an update on my slow moving build. Got it all welded up, should be starting assembly here this week finally after we get the frame painted.

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  10. I am Carbon

    I am Carbon shade tree mechanic XS650.com Supporter

    Right on Plane Ben.
    I luv flying R/C.
    In the last few years I've been flying combat.
    It is very crazy at times.
    those midairs get pricy too!
    Here is my 3d plane 100cc 3W engine
  11. itrguy

    itrguy XS650 Addict

    Badass carbon!
  12. GeorgeKillianLett

    GeorgeKillianLett Pretty new to bikes.

    email sent! Hope it helps Irish!
  13. I am Carbon

    I am Carbon shade tree mechanic XS650.com Supporter

    thanks Man!
    she is one of my favs
  14. I am Carbon

    I am Carbon shade tree mechanic XS650.com Supporter

  15. Inevitable

    Inevitable XS650 Addict

    The charging system on my bike will be the death of me I swear...
  16. Tron

    Tron Bearded Sheep Whisperer

    So im assuming you didnt swap to a pma?

    Its the best thing ever.
  17. Inevitable

    Inevitable XS650 Addict

    Actually the problem is I did.

    The stock charging system actually worked fine, but after all the rave reviews about swapping out I decided to go with the PMA.

    However after swapping it. It charges the battery, but just not enough. There is a slight power drain as the bike runs for awhile. I'm not sure if its the PMA, or if its the wiring, but I'm beginning to think its the PMA, because I have checked all of my wires, and then double checked and for the life of me I cannot figure out why its happening.
  18. Tron

    Tron Bearded Sheep Whisperer

    Bizarre. My stock charging system was fine but I threw in hughs pma and a pamco so I could run just a sparx capacitor.

    It runs so strong now and I never have to worry about my battery. You sure it's not your battery?
  19. Inevitable

    Inevitable XS650 Addict

    I took off the magnet from Hugh's PMA kit, and I'm thinking "maybe"? its the wires getting interaction with the magnet as it spins....I guess we will see.
  20. I just did a pma/pamco/sparx swap...why I've never done it before is beyond me now. Straight forward install. I ran a self made harness had everything on in a couple hours and fired up second kick! I'd check your battery and go from there...probably something simple that maybe got over looked.

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