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For Sale - 75 XS650B low miles, clean title

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by mjamusic, Nov 22, 2020.

  1. mjamusic

    mjamusic XS650 Enthusiast

    selling a very complete bike in good condition. New items:
    ss spokes front and rear, dunlop k70( no miles on them), news oem bars, rh control, throttle cables, front brake master cylinder, LH control, headers and exhaust, agm battery, air filter, sump filter, oil filter, pistons and rings 2nd over, cylinders honed, front and rear sprockets, drive chain.
    Bike needs to be wired, I have stock harness that’s been torn apart. Asking $900 OBO, 7410 mi clean title and keys in hand. 42AEB73F-4180-4638-944B-BC8709E79EFA.jpeg E78CA93E-B02F-4D1B-85EC-99E602103D51.jpeg 42AEB73F-4180-4638-944B-BC8709E79EFA.jpeg 0713FBEC-1142-457C-AE55-33D37FA5B918.jpeg AB3EB8C8-AA44-47AB-B574-DAF7B64C3247.jpeg 88D1C752-1AE7-451E-BD3E-B9AA3C61A13A.jpeg
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