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For Sale - '80 XS650 Special Stock Parts Hoard - Make offers

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by miketweedie, Jan 2, 2019.

  1. Hey All,

    I have an '80 XS650 Special that's being built into a bob, and subsequently have all the original parts sitting in boxes. I am not looking to get much for any of them, but would rather they be used than sit around here and collect dust. the frame, fork, wheels and engine are NOT for sale.

    items include:
    all stock lighting
    hand controls
    gauges and switches
    stock tank (its a pretty rad blue paint job, but has one grizzly scratch)
    stock seat
    all stock plastics
    stock fenders

    I am sure there is stuff I am missing, but I figured it is easiest just to put a post up and let you message me what you're after.

    Prices will be extremely reasonable, but you cover shipping and I am located in Canada.



  2. GW1950

    GW1950 XS650 Member

    I need the right side starter button control. How much?
  3. PM sent.
  4. What's the price on the headlight assembly and the tach and speedo gauge housings?
  5. how about $60 for the gauge cluster (you want the gauges as well, right?)

    I am gonna hang onto the headlight, I think, as I don't have a replacement picked out yet. if you really want it, $80

    prices in USD, plus shipping.
  6. I just need the housing for the gauges if you will just sell those. I'm going to reuse my original gauges. My housings are rusted and pitted. Even painted they look like junk.
  7. do you have any of the stock ignition parts?
  8. The entire stock ignition is there, but I plan to use it until I can afford to go full PMA and battery-less.
  9. right on I am just looking for the control unit portion.
  10. if things come together before spring and I make the swap, it's all yours.
  11. Mickster

    Mickster XS650 Enthusiast

    Are the 80 gauges the same, exact as the 79 gauges? I don't know so maybe somebody could chime in.
    If the 80 gauges are the same as 79 gauges then how about this.
    Shaunkva gets the housings and I get the gauges. We could go halfzeez.
  12. that works for me. I'm easy. cant say that I have any idea about the 79/80 question. gauges look like this:

    Attached Files:

  13. Mickster

    Mickster XS650 Enthusiast

    Dang it bro. Not the same. Also didn't realize it was in Kilometers. Sorry.
  14. This is 80

    Attached Files:

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