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For Sale - '83 XS650 Heritage Special

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by bdholsin, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. bdholsin

    bdholsin XS Enthusiast

    Putting my '83 Heritage Special on the selling block. $1,500, ready to ride and clear title in hand. Rebuilt the engine during winter of 2011-2012. Runs good. All covers are present. Located in North Bradley, MI (half way between Sanford and Coleman). Cash is good, Paypal is fine too.

    Just don't have time to ride and I'd like to use the cash for other hobbies/projects.

    Here is what I've done since I acquired her:
    1. Adjusted intake and exhaust valves
    2. Adjusted cam chain tensioner
    3. Rebuilt master cylinder
    4. Replaced seals (main sprocket seal, clutch pushrod shaft and kick shaft)
    5. Replaced starter gear
    6. Upgraded clutch needle bearing
    7. Secured tachometer and speedometer
    8. New battery
    9. New ignition coil
    10. New plugs, wires and boots
    11. Upgraded clutch pushrod to one-piece design
    12. New right & left cover gaskets
    13. Replaced a few grommets for the decorative covers
    14. Cleaned carbs, cleaned carbs and cleaned carbs
    15. New air filters (pods)
    16. Replaced numerous fasteners with allen head screws
    17. Replaced oil sump filter
    18. New oil filter
    19. New oil
    20. Added inline fuel filter
    21. New mix screw o-rings and washers
    22. Replaced crankcase breather gasket
    23. Shortened crankcase breather tube and added breather filter
    24. New starter to crankcase seal
    25. New gaskets (drain plug crush, carb holder gaskets and tappet covers)
    26. New starter brushes (didn't help the starter)
    27. Fixed the odometer (wasn't advancing)
    28. Fixed the tachometer face plate (screws came out)
    29. Replaced rear brake switch
    30. Added clutch lever bushing (reduced lever free play)
    31. New cables (tachometer, speedometer, throttle and clutch)
    32. Braided SS front brake line
    33. Replaced stock fuse block with new automotive style blade block
    34. New tires (@ 18,000 miles)
    35. Swapped stock 34 tooth rear sprocket with 30 tooth rear sprocket
    36. Removed one link from drive chain (result of 30 tooth rear sprocket)
    37. Stepped the mains up one size to 135
    38. Replaced swing arm zerk fittings
    39. New clutch springs
    40. Shot blasted carbs
    41. New alternator brushes
    42. Installed right hand mirror (helicoil)
    43. New float, float needle and float needle seat (ordered 8/30/11)
    44. Rebuilt engine (2012) @ ~18,352 miles
    a. New piston rings
    b. New connecting rods
    c. All new seals (including valve seals) and gaskets
    d. New clutch pushrod bushing
    e. New cam chain
    f. New cam chain tensioner and front guide
    g. Valves lapped
    45. New Headlight

    Attached Files:

  2. bdholsin

    bdholsin XS Enthusiast

    Dropping the price to $1,200. Ready to ride. Come get her and give her a new home.
  3. bdholsin

    bdholsin XS Enthusiast

    $1,000 cash or $1,100 Paypal.
  4. bdholsin

    bdholsin XS Enthusiast

    Sold the old girl.
  5. Ranger

    Ranger XS650 Addict

    And I can't wait to pick her up!
  6. bdholsin

    bdholsin XS Enthusiast

    Yeah, give her a good home.

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