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Make Offer - !979 xs750 parted out for sale, I know i know its not a 650 but someone might want

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by 650hcs, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. 650hcs

    650hcs Addict

    I have a 1979 XS750SF I bought to make a café racer, Now im a 650 guy and have three of them a 75 caferacer, a 78 visual impact bobber in progress and a 77 parts bike so before everyone gets upset that im trying to sell a bike that isn't a 650 let it be known im not just a guy in it for the money I just decided after taking it apart im more of a 650 guy and want to get rid of the 750. So, if theres any 750 guys on here looking for parts I have everything stock from a 79 xs750. its had a valve seat job that cost $275 and honed out cylinders wich cost me $175. but imselling every part of this bike. The mikuni carbs have been professionally dissasembled and ultrasonically cleaned in a heated ultrasonic tank then rebult using qulity carb kits. if theres any part you need contact me a centexcarbs@gmail.com or call or text meat 512-508-6608. I also am selling a multitude of 650 parts of a 75 and a 79 xs650 so tell me what you need and a price youd like to pay and we can make a deal. Once again ,I know this isn't a xs650 so please don't tell me, I already know. Just trying to make some bucks and help someone if there looking for these parts.


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  2. Sampson

    Sampson XS650 Member

    I'm interested in the gas tank if you have it. Sent you an email
  3. El Cocko

    El Cocko XS650 Enthusiast

    Is the front wheel brake sys.a single or dual disk setup?
  4. El Cocko

    El Cocko XS650 Enthusiast

    I posted yesterday. Are wheels still available per my previous request?

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