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Adhesive Advice Needed

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Downeaster, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. JimD54

    JimD54 Mechanic, 1968-Present.

    I bet someone on YouTube can 'splain it...
  2. Paul Sutton

    Paul Sutton Cardboard Cutout

    I would replace the magnetic pickup with a small electronic pulse generator and set the rate so the speedo always displays 100mph. This will really impress the girls.
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  3. Iowa Mark

    Iowa Mark XS650 Addict

    Well, looks like you've got things in hand Downeaster. Sounds like for mph the calculation would be distance for tire circumference per full rotation. Time between beats is the parts of an hour. Probably need lots of spaces on one side of the decimal point for this one.
  4. Downeaster

    Downeaster Everything in XS

    Finally went with 6 magnets spaced around the rim and Guesstimated the calibration setting. Seat of the Pants speedometer says we're close. Found a GPS Speedometer app for my phone that will let us check it and tweak as needed. Even got the Tachometer working after spending a couple of hours surfing Ewe Toob looking for clues. Turns out it works best if getting the signal from the ignition pulse generator. (Didn't know there WAS such a thing...)
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  5. Downeaster

    Downeaster Everything in XS

    I'm sitting here practically speechless with amazement over something my grandkids probably wouldn't even raise an eyebrow over.

    I downloaded a GPS speedometer app for my phone. He drove it home and I followed him in my truck, watching the GPS readout while pacing him. (BTW, I guessed pretty damn close on the correction factor)

    I was born in 1950. A telephone, good only for voice communication, was huge, black, made of bakelite and weighed several pounds. The handset alone was big and heavy enough to make a very effective bludgeon.

    Today, I used a computer the size of a post card (and not much heavier) to connect with satellites in geosynchronous earth orbit to compute my speed over the ground.

    Almost scary to think where we'll be in another 65 years.

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  6. JimD54

    JimD54 Mechanic, 1968-Present.

    Wanna really blow your mind? Consider this; you hold in your hand more computing power than an Apollo space capsule used to go to the Moon and back. Is that incredible or what?
    Heh.... there's hope for us old geezers after all. Well done DE!!!:)
  7. MaxPete

    MaxPete My float bowls seem to have stopped leaking!

    Yup - I graduated from engineering school in 1981 and we started with slide rules and finished with programmable calculators. Then I started my PhD in 1985 - and bought a Zenith PC for $3000 that had 640KB of memory - and now I have a cell phone that has 32GB of memory (I think that is 50,000 times more memory than the PC - plus it has a camera, it plays music and can send messages about 4 different ways AND it knows where I am) and the phone company GAVE it to me.

    Holy cow.
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  8. Downeaster

    Downeaster Everything in XS

    Heck, Jim, there are WATCHES out there with more computing power than Apollo had. Those guys had MASSIVE huevos!
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  9. Downeaster

    Downeaster Everything in XS

    So, we should call you Doc? I'm impressed! :bow2:

    And about that "knows where we are" thing...[​IMG]
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  10. MaxPete

    MaxPete My float bowls seem to have stopped leaking!

    Nope - that only people who call me that are students and my daughter's boyfriends DE. ;)

    Pete - will do nicely.

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