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After market fenders or alternatives to stock

Discussion in 'Shops' started by adrian7886, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. adrian7886

    adrian7886 XS650 Member

    Hi all.
    Despite a long and boring search on the internet I have been able to find anywhere to purchase an after market rear fender. Plastic is fine as I’m going to spray paint it anyway . Any suggestions please ?

    I’m UK based.
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  2. Goldenboy

    Goldenboy . XS650.com Supporter

    Hello, A. I was unable to find parts and 6 months later, they were available. So, use the plastic and look once in a while. I would stay away from motorcycle salvage sites in India, as my internet security system flashed a warning to me stating they're not secure. I got a crack in my rear fender from the bracket hole on top by overloading and strapping travel bags on it, and had it welded and it looks good enough. You might reach out to members with parts bikes, too. I was looking for parts online, one day and that's how I stumbled on the forum.

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