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Americade 2010

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by breahn riley, May 17, 2010.

  1. Does anyone attend or plan to go to Americade this year? I went two years ago and its so fun. Tons of bikes. Just curious
  2. Yeah, its so nice there. I have a friend with a lake house and a jet boat, so we just tube all day and check out bikes and then party at night. Its pretty wild
  3. Dusty

    Dusty Dusty

    I used to go every year for about 10 years. The last 4 years I have been in Shreveport, so going to Lake George was out of the question. Now I have moved to Maine, and I will be going Thur. the 10th untill Sun the 12th. Will be meeting friends I have not seen in years, and going on to Laconia for a few days.
    I always stay in Warrensburg, that's just a few miles out of Lake George.
    To get there form Maine is not much different than when I lived near Buffalo NY.
    I'll look for an XS, it may be you.
  4. WacoBrian

    WacoBrian XS650 Junkie

  5. Yeah. I'm in a scramble to get my bike running so I can cruise up. I'm outside philly so it'll be about 250 miles. I used to live in rutland, vermont so it was an hour cruise. I'm always keepin my eye out for xs's.
  6. Harvest Classic seems cool but a little far away.

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