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Aussie cafe build

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by XSevive, May 17, 2019.

  1. XSevive

    XSevive XS650 Enthusiast

    heres a short Vid of the finished build for those interested in cafe racers, well,.. nearly finished !! still have a few changes in mind....
  2. GLJ

    GLJ If you can't laugh at youself you shouldn't laugh Top Contributor

    WOW just WOW!!
    Very nice.
    Jim and MaxPete like this.
  3. MaxPete

    MaxPete Life with Lucille...I suggest, she decides. Top Contributor XS650.com Supporter

    Geez - that’s a pretty bike mate!

    Jim likes this.
  4. hotdog

    hotdog XS650 Guru

    Nicely done sir....
  5. 650Skull

    650Skull Dinosaur Lives Top Contributor

  6. motormike

    motormike XS650 Junkie Top Contributor

    As we use to say back when I wore OD (army).. " Out Frick'n Stand'n "....
  7. XSevive

    XSevive XS650 Enthusiast

    thanks for all the positive feedback folks
    gggGary, TwoManyXS1Bs and MaxPete like this.
  8. Ratranger

    Ratranger XS650 Addict

    Looks good, are you running an fzr400 swinger on there? Other than the top shock mount it looks like how I did mine.
    gggGary likes this.
  9. XSevive

    XSevive XS650 Enthusiast

    yes fzr400R swingarm
  10. wombatss

    wombatss XS650 Member

    Thank's for showing the rest of us how thing's can be done , you don't need huge bank account to build an impressive stand out bike .
    gggGary likes this.
  11. XSevive

    XSevive XS650 Enthusiast

    yeah, the only thing i shopped out was the frame sandblast and the machine shop did the rebore and a simple surface skim and line bore to the cam bearing journal head/rocker box as i used a mismatched set.(something that apparently cant be done !!!!), spent lots of hours making the f/glass stuff and fiddling with bits like the tank mounts and petcock relocation ,polishing switchgear ,electrical mods etc etc its a long list , but everything fits very well and most of the parts used are unaltered stock items from other bikes that can be easily replaced if damaged etc.
  12. XSevive

    XSevive XS650 Enthusiast

    dont know why youtube has suspended me ?????
  13. 650Skull

    650Skull Dinosaur Lives Top Contributor

    Never been said a mismatched rocker/head cant be put together.........Because the factory line bored the holes in the head/rocker/cases, pitting mismatched no's together will create oil leaks unless your lucky and get a set that is very close.........

    Perhaps Poochube thought your vid was to much XS650 PORN

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