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Aussie XS owners where are you

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Crackers61, May 24, 2018.

  1. Caseyhard

    Caseyhard XS650 Member

    Haha you are correct but a month of working from home and no commute has given me time to complete the engine thumbnail_IMG_20200704_142107.jpg
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  2. Caseyhard

    Caseyhard XS650 Member

    and drop it into the bike thumbnail_IMG_20200710_152602.jpg
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  3. TwinLewi

    TwinLewi XS650 Addict

    You move quick! Look at that! Engine is back in and ready to fire! Looks like it with the carbies being on. How is the wiring ?
  4. Caseyhard

    Caseyhard XS650 Member

    The carbies are there for a test fit as i am fabricating mounts to put smaller side covers in place that don't cover the pod filters, for information side covers off a suzuki GN 250 fit perfectly just need the mount points installed (on the battery box), I will post a picture of them in place over the weekend.
    The wiring had sat for 10 years and every connection had to be checked, every fuse box connection was an open circuit which until i realised was a nightmare for trouble shooting, as well as removal of some really dodgy later additions hidden in the loom.
    I have removed all the unnecessary wires, have removed the light relay (backup lighting box) removed the starter safety relay , rectifier and regulator, and am converting from points to a hughs handbuilt PMA and timing system (its on the long boat from the USA), its incredible how much wire can be removed :), I have kept all the original parts in case anyone on here is after an OEM bit of kit.

    so many small parts were missing from the bike that it currently feels like i'm paying the mortgage at Geoffs XS - LOL
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  5. Ozboy

    Ozboy XS650 Addict

    Caseyhard I had me eye on that XS humming and arrrrring on weather to snap it up!! You in Perth too I see.
  6. Caseyhard

    Caseyhard XS650 Member

    Yes Mate, was lucky enough to score this one on Gumtree , there was lots of interest, one guy called while i was picking it up and tried to gazump me LOL, they were good people and said first in is first in :)
  7. Caseyhard

    Caseyhard XS650 Member

    Ozboy a mate from work just finished getting a special back on the road as well, we will be organizing an XS 650 ride out of Perth once this one is finished, I will post details on here once its sorted.

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