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Bell Rogue

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by I am Carbon, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. I am Carbon

    I am Carbon shade tree mechanic XS650.com Supporter

    The Bell rogue Helmet looks like quite the skid lid.
    What do You Guys think? I wear a fullface but this looks Badass!

  2. uebe

    uebe XS Goober

    Last edited: Mar 4, 2013
  3. I am Carbon

    I am Carbon shade tree mechanic XS650.com Supporter

    Just what I thought uebe
  4. Tack427

    Tack427 XS650 Addict

    I'm in the market for a helmet, I might have to give this a look over.
  5. Very cool, Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah , "I am your father"
  6. SINKING78

    SINKING78 Oil, Grease, & Gas Please

  7. uebe

    uebe XS Goober

    Last edited: Mar 4, 2013
  8. I am Carbon

    I am Carbon shade tree mechanic XS650.com Supporter

    I think they are shooting for the zombie apocalypse look more than anything
    I was sure there was going to be neon green and black version
  9. h3llb3nt1

    h3llb3nt1 XSiv

    The face is would look great with some sort of airbrushing. Skull teeth or something
  10. grepper

    grepper fiddle futzer

    That's why I like the Modular type fullface hemets. This is what I have.
    Vega Summit
  11. uebe

    uebe XS Goober

    I'll have to check those out.
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2013
  12. pregrid

    pregrid XS650 Guru

    you're kidding, right? I'm thinkin' if you ever go down you'll be eating the mouthpiece.
    Full on poser shit!
  13. Kingwj

    Kingwj I know nothing, nothing!

    I thought this was about a Kalamazoo beer.
  14. uebe

    uebe XS Goober

    Still better than a typical open face helmet in my opinion.

    I'd rather have a mouthpiece between my teeth and the pavement.
  15. There's worse helmets on the market.
  16. I never could wear a full face helmet , claustrophobic . Back in the day when those Bell helmets with the real narrow eye slit where the thing , one of my buddies barfed up chili while going 85 MPH on the highway . That is all I can think about every time I see a full face lid.
  17. h3llb3nt1

    h3llb3nt1 XSiv

  18. ksrebel

    ksrebel XS650 Enthusiast

    Finally a helmet dumb enough for the harley crowd. I can see it now, posers at the bar(never on a bike) dressed in their standard uniforms, talking bikes but never riding, with a skull(thats original) painted on a helmet straight from the East German School of Design.

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