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Best Headlight Anyone?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by cheftay, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. I bought mikes halogen haven't installed it yet. The old original one still works :D 32 years and counting. The best one,longest lasting headlight I ever owned.
  2. XSLeo

    XSLeo XS650 Guru Top Contributor

    Bill, to get the most from your H4 headlight you need to clean up the contacts in the on/off and high/low beam switches as well as any connections in the circuit.
    When I first went to an H4 bulb my bike would blow the bulbs as well as not charge well.
    I went through and cleaned up eveything. Works well now.
    The stock wiring for the headlight is only 18 ga wire. You can run a 14 ga wire from a fuse to a headlight relay, one of the five wire ones. Hook this wire to 30, this will send power out on 87A, hook this to low beam off the headlight. Hook 87 to high beam Hook the high beam wire from the high/low switch to terminal 85, 86 to ground.
    Use the 14ga wire for all this extra wiring. You can even put the relay inside the headlight bucket if there is room.
    This will send power to the low beam with the high/low switch in low beam, when you flip to high beam it trips the relay, turning off the low beam, turning on the high beam.
    This set up sends power more directly from the battery to the headlight. Bypasses all the switches and wiring of the stock harness.
  3. gsxrgiant

    gsxrgiant XS650 New Member

    Any company worth doing business with would continuously improve their products, not just get approval in 2007 and let it ride.
  4. longway

    longway longway

    hello retired gentleman. I would love to pick your brain about my 1981 650 special.I had a lot of misfiring with the tci ,so i put a pamco in it with stock coil.At first it started great until i rode 2 miles.it then cut out .i waited 10 min. to cool off and then it started and ran for another 2 miles.i thought the coil was bad so i replaced it with the one i got with the pamco kit.it ran worse after it warmed up.any ideas? i live in strathmore, ab. and can be reached at email-darleneallore@shaw.ca.
  5. Gr8day

    Gr8day 1stbike-83'xs650

    Sylvania 9003/HB2

    ~$15. They had a brighter version for $25. I just bought this to see if the model would evan work...and to my surprise, it did.

    Advanced auto-parts retail store, just walked in and took a chance and there you go.


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  6. Gr8day

    Gr8day 1stbike-83'xs650

    On the topics of lights a friend of mine Kelsey, started this company and has a couple cool products if your into lights!

  7. I just use a car sealed beam halogen. My latest one has lasted 4 years. In the 70's I was buying bulbs from Yamaha and the low beam would last about 1 or 2 months, and it sucked when it worked. The high beam would then last 2 or 3 years more. Took the locking bolt out from under the lamp shell and tilted it accordingly when necessary.
    For a tail light I bought a sylvania LED from Advance auto. It's bright and it also is going on 4 years.

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