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Bike Bench Lift

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by KevC, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. KevC

    KevC XS650 Addict

    Anyone got any recommendations for a good bike bench lift?
    Wot you using & wot you like & dislike about it?
    As usual Im looking for something good but not too expensive :thumbsup:
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  2. Find a used Handy lift if you can. They last forever. A friend has worked at a couple of cycle shops and that's what they use. The K&L lifts look really nice too but very expensive. Both are heavy duty and get the job done.. Plus they have attachments like side extensions for ATV's or length extensions for really long bikes. Some have drop out panels or rollers so you can change wheels or run the bike through the gears right on the stand. Probably don't need anything that fancy though if you're trying to keep it cheap.

  3. angus67

    angus67 Welder's penetrate deeper!!

    i use the 'handy-crouch', cushioned by card-board. although I plan to biuld a wood table this winter.
  4. Trex

    Trex XS650 Addict

    I love the handylift we use at work. Definitely go hydraulic..much smoother and easier to operate. The air powered lifts rise very jerky and are a pain to lower.
  5. KevC

    KevC XS650 Addict

    The "handylift" looks lovely but I just looked at the "what santa brought you thread" & he didnt bring me one :(
    They also seem to be mainly in the USA, tho a few Harley shops over here have them, so not much chance of finding a 2nd hand one :(
    I need something that will take an 1100 VStar as well as the XS
    Anyone got some rough plans for the wooden bench type & would I be able to get an 1100 VStar on to it by myself :confused:
    Or should I go for something like a Sealey
  6. KevC

    KevC XS650 Addict

    If anyone wants a wooden motorcycle bench that can be made from 2 sheets of 3/4" marine ply and can be easily disassembled for storage, look here
  7. That's pretty cool. At first I just skimmed over it and thought, why not just build it out of 2x4's and a a half sheet of plywood. Then I realized how it all holds together and can be easily taken down and stored... Pretty cool...
  8. crash

    crash XS650 Junkie

    thats a pretty cool looking table and simple too.
  9. Backroader

    Backroader XS650 Addict

    Thanks for the information... I am going to incorporate some of these ideas into the one I plan to build. There are some key factors at play here:
    1. having the ability to take it down and store it.
    2. managing to move the bike on and off on my own
    3. SPENDING VERY LITTLE $$$$$$:laugh:
  10. KevC

    KevC XS650 Addict

    looked at those plans myself pumps but the general feedback I got was that unless you are in a trade were you can get the metal cheap, you are as well off buying a cheapie ready built one :twocents:
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  11. 650Skull

    650Skull SSSSSSSSSlither Top Contributor

    Down at the local dump i see steel of that caliber thrown out on a regular bases, still need to buy the jack and table top. Great table
  12. Ive thought about making one of these. IMG_1070.JPG
  13. Bob Kelly III

    Bob Kelly III Ranch Kid from way back,.... that got Old !

    here's a wooden tilting table that I was thinking of making.....

    Attached Files:

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  14. 650Skull

    650Skull SSSSSSSSSlither Top Contributor

    What are those measurements????............. how does the table actually work????
  15. Bob Kelly III

    Bob Kelly III Ranch Kid from way back,.... that got Old !

    I dunno I've never built it.... I re posted it is all from a different thread on here, it looks like a good one.
    the interesting part of the design is that the tilting table's end folds down to support the back of the table and bike and lock the table in position. So it should have latches to hold it in the folded position.
    I believe those measurements are in Inches Not positive though.
    you could make it from 3/4" cdx plywood and add drawers for air tools in the front half if wanted.
    .... i just threw the design out there into the fray sense I had a copy of it ....
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  16. Bob Kelly III

    Bob Kelly III Ranch Kid from way back,.... that got Old !

    I've studied the plans I posted a bit this afternoon... the credit for these plans is Not to me problem is I don't remember who posted them.
    the bike stand is 24" wide and 18" high minus the 3/4" plywood table top ....
    3# 2"x4"s and 1#2"x6" make up the frame Plus the plywood sheets to cover those areas.... the hinge is attached to the 2"x4" in the middle
    and to the plywood table top.... 2# door hinges are used the folding ramp part also has hinges and is positioned so that it rests on the top of the 2x6 when tilted.....
    the only problem I can see with this design is that it might be possible for the weight distribution to be off enough to have the hinged table top start to come down before the rear tire is on the table top properly ( i.e. still on the hinged ramp) if that occured the ramp would fold and the table top start tilting and you'ed be stuck with the bike half on and half off !
    the cure would be to move the hinge of the table top a bit to the left and in so doing move the balance point of the bike being loaded to where the back tire gets on the table top before it pivots to the flat position. ( IF and only if that is a problem.....)
    I have no idea what that Key-hole looking thing on the left is supposed to be,
    it looks like it should work very well and have no need for an external ramp to get in the way...... just run it up the ramp and stop before going off the end..... a 2"x2" Bumper on the table top end would help stop over shooting the end !
    it looks like you could just ride the bike up it and let it pivot on it's own and then get off and lock it down.
    I suppose a person could reinforce the table top if the need is there..... remember the xs650 is a heavy machine and 3/4" plywood comes in various versions of strength so if flexing occurs of the plywood adding 2"x2" wheel guides on top of the table would help add strength and keep the plywood from flexing too much .
    this Bike Bench would not be very easy to move around unless you added wheels to it and kept them to within 1/2" of the floor for the ramp's height considerations. that would involve a can of worms like stringer 2"x 4" along the side. raised from the bottom edge the height of the caster wheels minus 1/2" and then mount your wheels.
    How about a metal one of these ?
    .....if a person had the Diamond plate at hand and the tools to cut it, and weld, a steel one of these would be the cat's Meow ! use angle iron at the hinge point and your in like flynn ! adding a front wheel chock or "wheel catcher" might be a good idea as well.
    thin diamond plate would definitely need support or it would bend so using 2" angle iron about 5" apart down the center would give the needed strength and be easy to add. this would also double as the center line for the bikes wheels to be in when loading. (the folding ramp wouldn't need it....just stop the 2" angle at the table top)
    on full dress bikes that are super heavy you could also add a jack under the back part of the tilting table to help pivot the Loaded table. if it's needed....
    There would be no need to cover the sides in plate just use angle iron for the frame work in what ever size you have the most of !
    I would make sure each vertical support (added Legs on the left end and pivot point) has at least 2 supports from 90 degree directions for stability at the base.... and perhaps an "X" brace or 2 to help support the heavy weight without twisting or crushing the frame work.
    one of those "X" supports at the far left end and one in the center under the hinge....
    I think that would make a really nice shop bike stand /work table
  17. TwoManyXS1Bs

    TwoManyXS1Bs BBQ Hunter Top Contributor

  18. Bob Kelly III

    Bob Kelly III Ranch Kid from way back,.... that got Old !

    Yup no problem seeing it here..... WOW he could park a mac Truck on that thing !
    no worries about that thing breaking ! I do like the removable panel for easy access to the underside ...smart Thinkin'
  19. drgonzo

    drgonzo XS650 Enthusiast

    This fold down bike table has worked for me for about 5 years now. That rear leg could use some bracing but so far it's worked for anything from mopeds to Sportsters to a KZ650. Simple, cheap and it folds up out of the way.

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