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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Q Tip, Jun 30, 2013.

  1. Just wanted to drop in with a pic of my 1977 that i built with the help of all of you on this site. I guess it has been two years since i rolled her out and took that first ride up and down my road. What a thrill and she's still going strong. i hope everyone has a great summer! Thanks again.

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  2. Two years in the garage? These things really last.

    Enjoy your riding Q Tip.

  3. DLD1

    DLD1 Mechanical Stuff Nut

    It's always good to have another XS on the road. I hope you have lots of great rides this summer, and safe ones.
  4. I saw my first XS650 in 1976 and really wanted one - strange how the magazines at the time (those I was reading) were saying how poor they were at cornering, and other negative stuff, so I didn't get one. Years later I rediscover these machines and I am hooked.

  5. DLD1

    DLD1 Mechanical Stuff Nut

    I bought my first bike, a '72 XS650, in 1973, and was always hearing how poorly they handled, but I always thought mine handled just fine, and I loved it. I moved on to other bikes and then all these years later after owning Yamahas, Suzukis, Hondas and a Ducati, I'm back to the XS650, and I love it more than any of those other bikes, even the Ducati. There's just something special about these bikes!
  6. Yes, DLD1, something special - got character. I think the handling issue was trying to compare the rock solid Yamaha to the Triumph, Norton, and BSA twins just about hanging on in the techology race. Simple, they were different bikes with different characteristics.


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