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buildin' me a tracker

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by pregrid, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. Pregrid she is looking good mate,,,,,I like what you have done with the back wheel, have you used the original swing arm when you fitted the front wheel conversion kit from Omars?

  2. pregrid

    pregrid XS650 Guru

    Yessir, stock as a stove.
  3. What about the rear brake caliper and disc what motorcycle are they sourced from?

    Thanks Leslie
  4. pregrid

    pregrid XS650 Guru

    Stock '79 special, both. Just drilled the rotor.
  5. pregrid

    pregrid XS650 Guru

    don't look like much but quite a bit of time involved in doin' it right. Side panels and headlight mounted. Will look a lot better with numbers in place.

  6. Dakota_Lew

    Dakota_Lew XS650 Agronomist

    Looks ridiculous man, completely jealous!
  7. pregrid

    pregrid XS650 Guru

    Cool! My mission is accomplished!:D
  8. racerdave

    racerdave ^ Gone not forgotten ^

    Pre, when you do Omars 19 rear wheel conversion, do you use a front rotor from the 19 inch wheel, or a rear rotor from a 16 inch wheel?

    Are those tires you mounted tube type?
  9. pregrid

    pregrid XS650 Guru

    Use the rear rotor, caliper, and caliper bracket for the 16" wheel.

    Yes, tube type tires.
  10. Danisdead

    Danisdead Two Wheeled Addict

    :yikes: This is one of the best tracker builds I have seen. Great documentation!
  11. pregrid

    pregrid XS650 Guru

    Thanks, kinda fun to go back to the beginning and see where I've been. Glad I decided to do this.
  12. racerdave

    racerdave ^ Gone not forgotten ^

    Pre, will you use a junction block on the lower tree, for a 2 hose brake line, or one long line from the mc down to the caliper?
  13. pregrid

    pregrid XS650 Guru

    One line. That junction is an abomination, prolly necessary for a twin disc set-up.
  15. jbbishop2

    jbbishop2 XS650 Enthusiast XS650.com Supporter

    Thanks again for this thread, Pregrid. The single stainless line works well on my tracker. I can't tell from the picture whether that front master cylinder is a Brembo or the one from MikesXS; after talking with Michael at 650Central.com I went with the Brembo master (11mm piston), stainless steel line, and Vesrah semi-metallic pads (I wanted the sintered Vesrah pads but my local shop couldn't get them for me). You wouldn't believe how well it stops now, with a single stock disc and caliper. Two fingers, easy modulation, no drama. I also went with the Progressive HD fork springs and front dive under braking is not a problem. It's the single best investment in the bike so far.
  16. pregrid

    pregrid XS650 Guru

    Her ya go

    2-9 1/2"
    3-6 5/8"
    4-2 3/16"
    5-4 7/8" measured inside uprights
    6-4 1/16"
    7-1 7/16"

    tubing ie 1" square

    One other thing. If the starter is mounted you'll have to grind clearance on the upright nearest the starter stud. It's centered 1 5/8" from the bottom of that upright (see pic)


    Hope this helps
  17. pregrid

    pregrid XS650 Guru

    good info, thanks. And mine is the 11mm Brembo unit, too. Figured the 2mm smaller diameter piston would give more braking power. figured right, it seems. I'm using the stock springs with an emulator. Report when I finally get it on the road.
  18. jbbishop2

    jbbishop2 XS650 Enthusiast XS650.com Supporter

    >I'm using the stock springs with an emulator

    I want to get emulators when I grow up...

    My stock springs were sacked, so I needed new ones, either the stock stiffness (25/35 lb/in) Progressive springs or the HD (35/50 lb/in). Michael Morse recommended the HD springs since I'm 200 lbs and the rear is raised with the 14" shocks. Really, I'd probably have been fine with the stock stiffness (a little more travel for the same bumps, so more chance for the damping) but the front is just as planted as can be now. I'll guess the 25/35 springs will be a perfect match for great damping from your emulators.
  19. pregrid

    pregrid XS650 Guru

    Funny how the small stuff, the details, take more time than the big stuff. got the coil mounted today, spent quite a lot of time on it, making sure it's solid, grounded, and clears the gas tank. Didn't care for the pipe ground clamp method at first, but it turns out it works the best. Still gotta figure out how to keep the left spark plug wire from laying in the head, but I have a coupla ideas.


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