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Cafe Racer with a twist

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by XSFrank, May 11, 2012.

  1. pregrid

    pregrid XS650 Guru

    Damn that thing looks good already! Love those forks!
  2. GreasyC

    GreasyC XS650 Addict

    Awesome, love the tank. If you post the part #s of the bearings you use it's going to help a lot of people I think. Was the R6 stem a good length for the XS neck or did you have to shorten it?
  3. The modern R6 filler cap What a corking Idea, and it looks great to,

    What did you do source a R6 tank and take the modern filler cap of it or did you buy a new cap is so was it expensive....It looks brilliant

  4. XSFrank

    XSFrank XS650 Enthusiast

    I've not yet got the bearings but will post the part number.
    The size is 47x22x14 which is not a standard size but available.

    The filler cap is also from my old R6. This way I still have matching keys.
    I sold the frame and engine when I stripped it and kept the rest for the XS build.
    I want to use only or as many as possible Yamaha parts, so it would be like a factory build bike.
    I'm also planning on using the complete rear sets, linkages and master cylinder of the R6.
    I sold the farings and some other small parts I didn't need of the R6, but tanks are so common and don't fetch any money, so thought I might as well cut the filler out and weld it to the 750 tank. The rest went in the scrap bin.

    If your looking for a modern filler, you're best of just getting a complete but damaged tank from a bike breaker.

  5. racerdave

    racerdave ^ Gone not forgotten ^

    Frank, can you post some pics and give some info on what you did to mount that old 750 tank to the XS frame?
  6. XSFrank

    XSFrank XS650 Enthusiast


    I got the idea of the 750 tank from bobber33's cafe thread.
    They are actually 77-79 750 Classic tanks and such a cool design. The special 750's are teardrop shaped like the 650.
    There is one very small area underneath which fouls the top frame rail and needs dressing with a rubber mallet. No biggy.
    The front rubber mounts are opposite to the 650 design. The rubber bungs fit onto the frame (a little higher up too) and the slots are on the tank.
    All i did was cut the original slots off my frame and weld some round bosses onto the frame on which the rubbers sit.
    I've also piecut the rear mount on the 750 and flattened it a little, then rewelded it so it sits flat on the original mounting pin.
    Will take some pictures next time I get to my workshop.

  7. XSFrank

    XSFrank XS650 Enthusiast

    Okay I've spend a few hours on the bike a couple of days ago to set up the wheels and measure for spacers etc.

    Got my Radian swing arm and, as I think olddude said in his build thread, it fits straight into the 650 frame. What a result :thumbsup:
    I bought an 18" rear disc mag wheel of an RD350 and again luck stroke. The Radian axle fits the wheel, as both are 17mm diameter.
    So mocked it up and measured for spacers, which a friend is now turning up for me as a lathe is one thing I've not got, but would love.

    I'm using the 650 rear caliper bracket, which needs a bush fitting to reduce the shaft size from 19mm to 17mm.
    The only modification to the Radian arm will be the caliper brace bracket, as its underneath and I will mount the caliper at the 11 o'clock position so need it on top.

    The front wheel is also mocked and I'm just waiting for spacers. Once all is on I'll take some more pictures to post.

    Oh and I got to get an 18" tyre now, so will sell some of the leftover parts to recoupe money for that.

  8. Frank,
    I've got a full standard rear disc calliper and mounting bracket of my 1980 XS650G, I will have a look what size spindle it takes.

  9. [​IMG][/IMG]



    20mm Frank any good
  10. XSFrank

    XSFrank XS650 Enthusiast

    Thanks Leslie,
    I've got the same set up to use, but have to fit a reducing bush to fit the Radian axle.

    Progress was a bit slow recently due to me working on and taking my Beetle to the dragstrip and family vacation.

    But did some more mocking up last night and will try to carry on now.


    Attached Files:

  11. Frank,
    She is Looking nice Mister Indecisive me has now changed to wire spokes with a drum brake set up on the rear

  12. Hi, I'm also a new member and live near Chester UK. I'm in the process of re-building my xs into a caferacer/ streetfighter thing! This is it's 4th morph in 15 years. I am converting the frame to monoshock using a Diversion swingarm and wheel (front end as well but with fzr400 calipers). Any advise on how to create the top mount? the swing arm has been machined and centered into the frame so its just the top to do. Also using a xs850 tank!
  13. Hi welcome darcey,,,

    If you do a search in the search engine a couple of lads have already posted the rear end conversions

  14. JesseXS

    JesseXS XS650 Member

    Looks very nice Frank, any chance you will be going to Das Drag Day in Bitburg? Would be nice to meet.

    I'm also going with the radian swing arm, what shocks are you going to use?
  15. Hamos

    Hamos XS650 Member

    Hey Leslie,
    Are you still using the R6 front end with wire wheels? I'm using R6 front end with blue spot calipers, not checked on clearance for the spokes between the twin callipers, but it looks tight.
  16. XSFrank

    XSFrank XS650 Enthusiast

    Hey Jesse,
    I'm not going to Bitburg this year as I'm taking (towing) the Bug to SCC in Norway in a couple of weeks. Are you going? Have been finishing a few things off over the last weeks and I'm making it a 2 week holiday traveling around.
    I'm always rotating my European trip holidays so think next year will be Bitburg again but I'll also try to get to the states for 4 weeks to go on the Hot Rod Drag Week.

    I've only got back on the XS last night after weeks and completely stripped it now. Will get the welding on the frame finished and then drop it of for blasting so hopefully I'll get it back after the holiday.
    I'm going to use adjustable Hagon shocks. I've actually raised the bike a lot more and my rear shocks are going to be between 350mm and 360mm (13 3/4 -14") eye to eye, standards are 325mm.
    Will try and get some off the shelf units, if not have some made to spec. That's going to be the biggest money payout for parts :eek:
    Regards the Radian arm, as the shock mounts are a little further apart, (wider), I've cut them off and welded them back in line with the top mounts on the frame, so the shocks are nice and straight.

  17. XSFrank

    XSFrank XS650 Enthusiast

    I'm looking forward to seeing the pics too, as I wasn't to sure about clearances, that's why I use the Mag wheels.

  18. Frank,
    got my yokes back, put the R6 fork legs through to check.

    As soon as I get my wheels back with the tyres on (should be this weekend Monday latest)

    I will build the front end up with the discs on.


  19. DeftQuiver

    DeftQuiver XS650 Enthusiast

    Lol, damn you all... I had totally settled on keeping my front end stock... but now you've got me questioning that whole notion. Great lookin bike... I can't wait to see the finished product.

  20. JesseXS

    JesseXS XS650 Member

    Hi Frank,

    Thanks for the info on the swingarm and shock. Will keep that in mind.

    No I won't be going to SCC, already been to the Classic Week this year in the states so I'm out of holidays @ work :D.

    I see what you mean by being busy. Same story here think I build 7 VW engines for clubmates etc. the last 3 months. No time for the XS :(.

    Keep up the good work the front end look perfect!

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