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Cleaning Carbs

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Benjamin, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. Terry Bishop

    Terry Bishop XS650 New Member

    Like the the info here alot. I am new at working on bikes. My 650 sat for a year and now has no mid or high range speed. Crack the throttle and it just stalls. I think this carb info is going to help alot.
  2. Buccaneer

    Buccaneer XS650 Member

    Hi all,

    Does anyone in UK / EU know where to get Sea Foam or is there an equivalent over here?

    Cheers in anticipation!
  3. gentlemanjim

    gentlemanjim More Wrenchin than Ridin

    Chevron Techron the best product in the business
  4. njrmahoney

    njrmahoney XS650 Enthusiast

    I came across this video, for me it was very helpful.
  5. gentlemanjim

    gentlemanjim More Wrenchin than Ridin

    Informative, but leaves a lot out of a full rebuild.
  6. mkesbest

    mkesbest XS650 Addict

    random ? but do all carbs have a bracket holding them together? I have a 76xs and they were separate...2 minuki bs 38s. Do I need a bracket? and if so where could I find one?
  7. gentlemanjim

    gentlemanjim More Wrenchin than Ridin

    On your bike you do not need nor was a bracket installed from the factory
  8. mkesbest

    mkesbest XS650 Addict

    thanks...was worried about that...im sure im missing pieces since its sat for ever...glad that's not one of them!
  9. TheRunaway

    TheRunaway XS650 Enthusiast

    Great info on carb cleaning thanks Travis!
  10. davebraun444

    davebraun444 XS650 New Member

    As with everything else on the left coast, Seafoam has been known to cause cancer in the state of California. You just need to cross a state line where you can bathe in the stuff without a problem.
  11. XSLeo

    XSLeo XS650 Guru Top Contributor

    mkesbest, on carbs they used two separate carbs, two throttle cables. up to 75. In 76 they started using the linked carbs. They use one throttle cable.
    Your 76 should have come from the factory with Linked carbs.
    If you have the two separate carbs, a PO must have swapped then out. This is not a problem. They will take just a bit more maintenance to keep running at their best.
    You need to determine just which carb set you have. Yamaha changed carbs every two years. As in 70-71 was a set, 72-73, 74-75, 76-77, you get the idea.
    www.xs650.fi/pohja_files/fi/XS650carbs.htm is a ID guide for the BS38's It was translated through a couple languages so some of the wording is hard to understand but the pics help a lot.
  12. I have been using this fuel treatment for several years in all my bikes, antique tractors and generator...Never any issues with dirty carbs... Not snake oil, or a mechanic in a bottle, Just chemistry at work..

  13. I have a problem with my carbs
    I took them off to clean them and one of the pilot jets was stripped and I can't get it out to clean it properly
    So I just cleaned everything else and when I start the bike and let her run I get a popping sound from the exhaust
    I dropped my carbs in a solventvtank tank for a few days hoping to clean them out
    Is there any way to get the pilot jetvout or could the popping be something else
  14. TwoManyXS1Bs

    TwoManyXS1Bs BBQ Hunter Top Contributor

  15. Thanks TwoMany
    Gonna do my research so my new bitch can run properly
  16. YamadudeXS650C

    YamadudeXS650C Central New York XS650 XS650.com Supporter Top Contributor

    If you are unable to get the jet out, perhaps you could clean it in place by carefully using the proper sized orifice tool. They are inexpensive.

    Yes, the popping could be something else, as well.
    It typically is due to a lean mixture, such as leaking at the exhaust manifold gasket at the head (popping upon decel).
    If you search for "popping" in Garage you will get lots of threads to study.
    Good luck with the carb.
  17. Dave79sx650

    Dave79sx650 XS650 Member

    Best place to buy carb rebuild kits
  18. grizld1

    grizld1 Grumpy old man Top Contributor

    Simple answer, given many times: Don't! Rebuild kits typically contain generic items that won't work, stuff that you don't need, and all too often substandard repop brass. It's best to decide what you need and order genuine Mikuni parts individually.
  19. Dave79sx650

    Dave79sx650 XS650 Member

    Thanks you

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