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Corona Virus COVID-19

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by gggGary, Feb 28, 2020.

  1. Mailman

    Mailman Hardly a Guru Top Contributor

    Admirable compassion and understanding. Well spoken.
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  2. xjwmx

    xjwmx It's just the unknown. Top Contributor

    if he cries over a theoretical 5-year-old undergoing cancer treatment, i'd hate to see what he does when a st. jude's commercial comes on. don't fall for the show. our governor cries on tv about children literally every other day, while he signs a 9th month abortion bill
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  3. gggGary

    gggGary Stop that! XS650.com Supporter Top Contributor

    Well that's odd! Here in Wisconsin it refers to;
    Maybe the cheezespeeke translator is on the fritz?
    Whilst flying my little bug squasher I was called a FIB by a busy controller near Albuquerque
    I later found out that ignorant was the only repeatable part.
    The controllers will all swear it means Flying Itinerant Brother....
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  4. GLJ

    GLJ Never go faster than your guardian angle can fly. Top Contributor

  5. thuban

    thuban Horse Scratcher Top Contributor

    There are a few people that give me hope for the Human race. It's a small group. People dividing people along political lines for wearing masks or not, aren't in the group. People from a local congregation, standing along side city streets every year, railing against abortion, yet not one would ever adopt a child, they don't make the group either. "You'll see this our way or else!" Ok. have a nice day.
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  6. thuban

    thuban Horse Scratcher Top Contributor

    Now that I think about it, people that wear the Niqab or Burka, didn't have to worry about masks. They already had it covered!:)
    Last edited: May 23, 2020 at 6:09 PM
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  7. ThatXS650Guy

    ThatXS650Guy More Sparky than Speed Racer XS650.com Supporter Top Contributor

    Perhaps, but we should give him the benefit of the doubt on this.
    You should have met my Aunt Pat. Raised 7 of her own kids and then adopted one more. She was one of the original founders of the Right-to-Life group in California and fought abortion every day until her untimely death of breast cancer. A truly remarkable woman who I did not appreciate at the time.
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  8. 650Skull

    650Skull Dinosaur Lives Top Contributor

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  9. MaxPete

    MaxPete Lucille, Betty & Demi - I suggest but THEY decide. XS650.com Supporter Top Contributor

    Yup, I heard this on the CBC news this afternoon. Poor guy, it sounds like there is more to that story than meets the eye.

    His words do make sense though. Sticking labels on people is normally not a good idea.
    Last edited: May 23, 2020 at 9:44 PM
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  10. Goldenboy

    Goldenboy . XS650.com Supporter Top Contributor

    DSC08675 (2).JPG
    This opinion was in the news this morning.
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  11. Goldenboy

    Goldenboy . XS650.com Supporter Top Contributor

    I saw another neighbor, today and asked him if he was sick, too. (Five for five) His wife, daughter and he were all sick with the dry cough. He was sick from December 8 to January 8, exactly one month. He works in HVAC at different facilities and frequents taverns and sports bars, so he knows and comes in contact with a lot of people. I did not elicit from him how long he thought the virus was here. In retrospect, he believes the virus was in our area in mid November. So, common knowledge is relative to where you live in the country as to when you believe the virus came ashore. All this information is acquired by comparing notes. And his symptoms were different than mine as he did not experience the fatigue and continued working, going to the the gymn and socializing, too. This is over a month before China declares they have a problem with a new virus, let alone documenting the first case in the US. He also said he did not believe the anti-body test was reliable, or useful if taken long after symptoms have quelled. There are many valid opinions on this problem and how to deal with it. That explains the hodgepodge of rules that constantly change. Here in the NY Metro area, we were first of the worst, with a dense population our herd immunity is probably the best defense we have, inoculation the hard way.
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  12. GLJ

    GLJ Never go faster than your guardian angle can fly. Top Contributor

  13. thuban

    thuban Horse Scratcher Top Contributor

    Well, hell, who would have thunk it! I bet they had a rail and axle grease ready too, maybe even tar and feathers.:laugh:
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  14. GLJ

    GLJ Never go faster than your guardian angle can fly. Top Contributor

    This is interesting. I've never seen a oyster that big. Didn't know they could grow that big. Or met one I didn't want to eat.
    And they are kinda good for you. Interesting how they were hoarded.
    upload_2020-5-24_16-32-2.png upload_2020-5-24_16-33-47.png
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  15. gggGary

    gggGary Stop that! XS650.com Supporter Top Contributor

    Kinda corona related, Pretty sure I've seen more motorcycles than cars on the road by our house today. :thumbsup:
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  16. Goldenboy

    Goldenboy . XS650.com Supporter Top Contributor

    I want to apologize ahead of time for posting this obit. Of the hundreds I've seen in the local paper in recent weeks, this has to be the most selfless and vulnerable of humans, a gentle soul. On the front page was an article reporting on the announced start to an investigation into New Jersey's response to the pandemic and into the actions of New Jersey's chief medical officer, Dianne Persichetti, who made the decision to divert all personal protective equipment and additional medical personnel to hospitals, essentially leaving those in veteran's homes and private nursing facilities to their own resources. This decision was responsible for forty percent of deaths in New Jersey, which currently has over 10,000. Also, the article went on to say the hope is not to let the investigation lag on for years, so that recommendations coming out of it won't be watered down by time and the loss of memory and emotion about what transpired, here...

    Attached Files:

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  17. 650Skull

    650Skull Dinosaur Lives Top Contributor

    China can't be blamed for the failures of other countries to contain the spread of Covid19 within their own boarders.............they do need to answer questions surrounding the, how and patient zero but blaming them for all the cases and deaths is wrong...........

    I have been horrified reading about how partisan politics, in the US and some other countries, has been a cause of court cases because one party doesn't care for what another is doing, creating divides and confusion when the public need to be led to feel secure that the powers have their, (public), best interests at heart. The situation surrounding armed civilians, ( https://www.salon.com/2020/05/18/so...-on-the-far-rights-plans-for-a-new-civil-war/ ) forcing their way into legislative houses..............

    A question of patriotism was discussed earlier and what constitutes patriotism.......The money people behind boogaloo have been trying to build a repulican army for years now and almost succeeded, still have to a small degree..........

    Using Virus bailouts, to prop up fossil fuels while not reciprocating to clean energy firms

    Lets hope this is finally put to bed.......seems the president recently has stopped taking it........

    7th of April

    23rd May
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