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For Sale - Custom Brat xs....

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by figure8, Oct 10, 2016.

  1. figure8

    figure8 XS650 Guru

    Just getting the ball rolling on this, I'll edit in details later when I have more time.
    Lots of upgrades, clean title. $2300, prefer local pickup but open to shipping if you arrange it.

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  2. Jmasters

    Jmasters XS650 New Member

    Were is the bike loacted im in missouri
  3. figure8

    figure8 XS650 Guru

    Pekin, IL
  4. figure8

    figure8 XS650 Guru

    Been stripped of some parts, but still enough for complete bike. Some of the upgrades still there
    Pamco ignition
    21" xs wheel (got two good rotors not pictured)
    Tires brand new
    New shocks
    Have carbs, need rebuilt
    Bronze swingarm bushings
    Solid riser bushings
    The list goes on, needs very little to be up and running again.

    $1300, clean title

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  5. JonnyDirt

    JonnyDirt XS650 Member

    If you end up parting more out, i'd love to take the wheels. Just a thought!

  6. figure8

    figure8 XS650 Guru

  7. natek

    natek XS Obsessed

    Check your PMs
  8. figure8

    figure8 XS650 Guru

    Wheels have been sold, looks like I'm parting it out. I'll make a new add soon, feel free to PM in the meantime if you're looking for something.
  9. figure8

    figure8 XS650 Guru

    Thanks dude! Should add tank and seat have been sold. Still lots of good parts though!
  10. willis

    willis xsive compulsive disorder XS650.com Supporter Top Contributor

    Do you still have the Brembo caliper set up?
  11. figure8

    figure8 XS650 Guru

    Sorry, brembo set up is gone. The 2nd pic is more acurrate to what's left. Aside from wheels, tank and seat....
  12. JesseeS

    JesseeS XS650 Addict

    Is the headlight still available? How is the light output? Also how much would you be looking for it

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