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denver co wo is here

Discussion in 'Mountains U.S.' started by sean colleary, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. sean colleary

    sean colleary XS650 Addict

    who's near denver and what bike do ya have
  2. Airatic

    Airatic XS650 Member

    Me! Just bought a hardtail. Needs a little work.
  3. sean colleary

    sean colleary XS650 Addict

    Nice dude post some pix what year is it ?
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  4. MrBultaco

    MrBultaco it ran before being parked Top Contributor

    Hey Sean,
    My signature says it all.........
    good luck with you scrambler build...
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  5. Airatic

    Airatic XS650 Member

    78 mikuni carbs knobby tires 20180315_171658.jpg
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  6. sean colleary

    sean colleary XS650 Addict

    we need to set up a CO xs meet
  7. Airatic

    Airatic XS650 Member

    I'm in!!! How do we set this up? FB?
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  8. sean colleary

    sean colleary XS650 Addict

    Cool ya i think that would be the easiest way lol we have to find people
  9. Airatic

    Airatic XS650 Member

    Does it make more sense to make it a group?
  10. 650Skull

    650Skull SSSSSSSSSlither Top Contributor

    Facebook!!!!!!................Travis has a Regional Forum set up for this purpose.

    If you have been hiding under a rock lately.................................. Suckerburg has been stealing all of your information, Texts, all your phone contacts, and even friends you have deleted and want nothing to do with are still in the Facesucker vault .

    This should scare you.

    "The issue is how much data Facebook is collecting about us on its own. Well beyond what we choose to post, Facebook can track the location of your phone, what apps you’re using and even what websites you visit using its well-known “Like” button and an invisible tool called the Facebook Pixel. Facebook’s data-mining operation can tap real-world activity like when you use a store loyalty card. It generates bio-metric data from your photos."

    "If Facebook wanted us to be in control of our data, it could put at the top of its home page a button that says “stop tracking me everywhere.” (I’d even pay a subscription fee for it.) There would be another one that says “reset my data.” But the reality is, if we all used those tools, it would probably be a disaster for Facebook’s business, which is based on having the largest pile of data to target its ads. Zuckerberg doesn’t want to talk about how his business is inseparable from its surveillance."

    During one exchange, Rep. Anna G. Eshoo asked a question that cut to the core of the matter: “Are you willing to change your business model in the interest of protecting individual privacy?”

    Zuckerberg replied, “I'm not sure what that means.”
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  11. Airatic

    Airatic XS650 Member

    I'm surprised people are so bent out of shape over facebook using the data that YOU give them to make money

    This has and will keep happening as you enter personal information into a public database that is the internet.

    It should be common sense that facebook would do this.

    I will continue to utilize it as a networking tool but still maintain and watch what i upload as content just as i have always done.

    Nothing has changed
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  12. jasidok

    jasidok Live Life to the fullest!

    South Denver.
    XS650E Special 1978.
    So much fun. I love this bike.
  13. I'm down in the springs. I have a 75 XS-B that im hard tailing and turning into a classic American style chopper with a big ol' sissy bar and banana seat. just started the project a month or so ago, so it'll be some time before I can join any local rides.
  14. grist 75

    grist 75 XS650 Member

    I'm in Durango, CO and have a mostly unrestored 75 xs650B. doing fork seals now, then back in business.

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