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Engine Rephase Rebuild Thread

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by alfredo, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. Got seriously busy again with the usuals (life, work, family, etc). Finally got around to mounting the coils, putting on the new motion pro cables and adjusting the clutch. Going to spend the weekend finishing up the wiring and seeing if I can't get a test fire in there.


  2. sseres

    sseres XS650 Junkie

    This build is my inspiration for the engine build thread I've been posting. I'm nominating it for XSOTM Build. Please go second the nomination!
  3. Thanks for the support and keep going on yours. Don't be a slacker like me ;)
  4. UPDATE:
    It Lives!!!!!! Everybody Dance!!!!

    So, daughter and I spent all weekend finishing up the wiring and making sure that everything was bolted down nice and tight. Wiring was finished saturday night and it was test fired last night. Spent some time messing with the carb sync and timing, but it's still backfiring out of the left carb a little.

    I still have to make a throttle cable, inflate the tires a little and put the spring back on the kick stand. But, after that I will be test driving (hopefully tomorrow) to see how it holds up with the new 5th gear and rephase.

    I can tell you guys now, just revving the bike on it's kickstand . . . the vibrations of the bike are dramatically decreased. Before I would rev it sitting still and the bike would almost walk away. Noticeable vibes could be seen in the bars and headlights. Now, I got it up to about 4k and it hardly buzzed. I will have more to report after a test ride, but I am pleased so far with the reduction in vibes. Big thanks to Kevin, Kevin, Richard, Richard, Ryan, Pete, Hugh, all who are following the thread, helping out and steering me in the right direction and everyone else. Look forward to more updates soon.
  5. So, to wrap up this build thread I started with this:
    • stock trans gearing
    • stock 360 degree cam and crank
    • Boyer ignition system
    • Bs38s with pod filters
    • 0.8mah battery

    Now I have this:
    • replaced 5th gear with Mikes new OD 5th
    • rephased crank/cam by Hugh
    • Pamco 277 ignition system
    • Bs34s with UNI filters
    • Shorai battery
    • PMA


    I have been riding her and the vibrations are dramatically reduced from the stock setup. I have a guy looking into the carbs right now to remove a flat spot at around 4k rpms. It still pulls, just pulls a lot less. I think its a jetting issue, but carbs a black art to me. I am very happy with everything. Much more so than stock. I would not consider not doing these upgrades/modifications in the future and would advise anyone who has the means to do so. It was certainly a learning adventure that took far longer than I thought to get completed, but it was completely worth it.

    Thanks to everyone involved, seriously. Thanks!
  6. KentMoney

    KentMoney XS650 Addict

    Yee haw! Nicely done and congrats on tackling a pretty technical project.
  7. Thanks man! Hows things with you lately?
  8. I am Carbon

    I am Carbon shade tree mechanic

    Alfredo,Hey Man it is good to see your bike back together.
    I'll bet You were crapping Your pants ater forgetting to plug in the PMA.
    Now that sounds like something that I would do.
    Have good fun and of course Good luck Brother! :cheers:
  9. KentMoney

    KentMoney XS650 Addict

    hey man, im doing pretty alright! I recently updated my build thread with a few pics, but nothing much has changed on it. Some plans in the works though.

    I'm also starting a little motorcycle accessories business. Already have some pretty cool leather motorcycle gloves for sale, and I plan to add other items like denim and small motorcycle components.

    RetroPetrol, check us out in the Shop area!
  10. nozila

    nozila XS650 Addict

    Thanks guys will come in handy when I attempt my first rebuild
  11. Just saw this reply. Sometimes I get emails about updates and sometimes I don't. Thanks man and you too!

  12. h3llb3nt1

    h3llb3nt1 XSiv

    F@&k yeah I'm sold. Breaking down crank case this weekend. Can't wait to hear how she runs on the open road. Have fun man

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