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Featured Exhaust Give-A-Way

Discussion in 'Shops' started by MAC Performance, Oct 25, 2016.

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  1. Lance Weersma

    Lance Weersma XS650 Enthusiast

    Pick me

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  2. xs65021972-70

    xs65021972-70 hobby or obsession

    Those would like great on my wife's bobber
  3. Orion61

    Orion61 XS650 Addict

    I am finally feeling well enough to work on my 650 again a couple hours at a time, I have ridden these since the 70's. I have owned this bike since the early 90's She has be in storage for years because I have battled Health issues, I was hurt at work and ended up having 8 surgeries including 2 knee replacements a 9 month battle with MERSA staff infection, a Pulmonary Embolism, and 3 heart attacks. But life goes on and With the help of the great folks here I have her running again, I can no longer work but was awarded Disability benefits, I hate it, but It buys groceries but not much else.
    My 1975b has rusted Megaphones DSC_8858.jpg DSC_8858.jpg BackSide.jpg on it and would look great with a new exhaust! This is probably the only way it will happen but my luck has been pretty bad, time for some good Luck!
    Some lucky person is going to receive a very Beautiful new Exhaust system! Thanks for the very generous act!
    Larry B.
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  4. Tomterrific

    Tomterrific XS650 Junkie

    Did you guys get my bribe? Please send the pipes ASAP.


  5. CoconutPete

    CoconutPete 79' Special & 78' Standard

    Progress pic with the "mystery 2-into-1" that was on it when I purchased it.

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  6. hkraanen

    hkraanen XS650 New Member

    Those nicely tucked in headers would prevent my bike dragging its headers on trackdays, as is the problem with the recent system (Heiden headers/Hoos megaphone, all stainless). Would love to try the MAC system. Regards, Hein

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  7. Wingedwheel

    Wingedwheel Get a bigger hammer

    Those would sure be a nice replacement for my old dented pipes(hidden by the wrap) finishedbobber5.JPG
  8. Hitndahedfred

    Hitndahedfred Do I look like a people person to you?

    COUNT ME IN !!!
    Even though I really like the set I built.. 1020161708b.jpg
  9. imcgyver

    imcgyver XS650 Member

    Hello here is my all original unrestored 1981 Yamaha XS650II owned for 9 years.
    81 XS650.jpg
  10. RPC3

    RPC3 XS650 Addict

  11. Here's my 78 I just picked up.[​IMG]

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  12. Ok so not so pretty when I first got it, and it was my first XS650 I picked up in a junk yard and it was just about to be crushed when I save it, but it is in process of being turned into a brat and needs an awesome exhaust system and this is the ticket.
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2016
  13. Nice! Those mufflers belong on a '74 or '75 model.
  14. Restoration in progress!!!!
    1972 Yamaha XS 2 650 with matching serial numbers (engine and frame) and only 4400 miles !!!!!

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  15. Infantilebehavior

    Infantilebehavior InfantileBehavior

    Project has slowed due to back problems....had started a hard tail kick only build and then recently busted my back up this year....go figure. But I'm not changing a thing. Sticking with it. Now a "winter project". These pipes r sick and would be a much appreciated gift. Good luck to everyone. Thanks xs650.com
    P.s. old pic. Need to update.

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  16. grepper

    grepper fiddle futzer

    My 78 xs650 Standard
  17. littlebill31

    littlebill31 Smells of Raw Fuel

    Snapseed.jpg Here's my '81 cafe at Antietam National Battlefield.
  18. Nelson8236

    Nelson8236 XS650 Member

    My 73 still in the process

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