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Finished Xs build Tons "O" pics!

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by justin, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. justin

    justin XS Monger

    I never really got to show this one off, as it sold pretty quickly. Just remembered the pics were on my site so i thought i would share. This one was a blast to ride! and i miss it already. Every last nut and bolt was removed, cases split motor rebuilt, everything powder coated except for the tins. Anyway, just wanted to show it off before i lost the pics.







  2. Looks good! Gotta any pics a little farther away, so we can see the whole thing?
  3. justin

    justin XS Monger

    Yeah theres one up there lol, It was a new camera and i was playing around with the sweet lenses. Got a bit carried away though :doh:
  4. tidd1340

    tidd1340 XS650 Addict

    What did you use on the engine side covers to get that finish?
  5. justin

    justin XS Monger

    I media blasted them, then wire brushed, followed by satin clear powdercoat. Makes them real antique-ee. You can do satin spray bomb as well im sure.
  6. pamcopete

    pamcopete Ride.Enjoy.Life is Simple


    Real classy. Glad you kept the shocks!..:thumbsup:.. I see that PAMCO peeking out in one of the shots.....:)
  7. hotdog

    hotdog XS650 Guru

    why'd you sell it..??
  8. lukach4

    lukach4 XS650 Addict

    man we all have to hook up and put our heads together on our builds... I could really use some hepld when it comes to the motor work..... I'm a little scurred..
  9. rkeys

    rkeys XS650 Enthusiast

    Sweet looking bike is that a 400 front tire. love the look of the wide front tire.
  10. KentMoney

    KentMoney XS650 Addict

    that left cover is RAD
  11. 3Deuces

    3Deuces XS650 Addict

    I'm stealing the mesh window side cover vent idea:thumbsup:
  12. Liking it...

    Super clean, shiny and the right amount of accent pieces.

    Well done sir.
  13. Ironsled77

    Ironsled77 XS650 GRAND HACK

    fenders must have fell off???
  14. picker

    picker XS650 Enthusiast

    Nice and tight...thats how it`s done. Congrats.
    Just one thing.....Is that a black tank over white over or white over black??
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2012
  15. SolidLex

    SolidLex XS650 Addict

    Seriously love that front tire. Is it the same size as the rear one?
  16. tscacadc

    tscacadc XS650 Enthusiast

    Very clean! Nice build.
  17. saw this on youtube, pretty awesome!!
  18. Very clean and classy, 100% screams "I look like a nice girl but once you open me up, I am a dirty girl"

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