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For Sale - For sale .. inventory including reconditioned and rebuild bs38s and 34s and more parts coming

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by billy icon, Nov 7, 2020.

  1. billy icon

    billy icon test pilot,gunnie pig, and all around experiment

    l IMG_20201121_210915.jpg IMG_20201121_210911.jpg IMG_20201121_210020.jpg IMG_20201121_210037.jpg IMG_20201121_210041.jpg IMG_20201121_210046.jpg IMG_20201121_210052.jpg IMG_20201121_210105.jpg tank has one tinny ding on right side near knee..little to no rust.. has both tank badges is excellent condition...real close to being ready to paint... NO KEY.
  2. billy icon

    billy icon test pilot,gunnie pig, and all around experiment

    50.00 plus shipping for tank and badges
  3. redracer

    redracer XS650 New Member

    how much are the bs38s? Thanks
  4. UFD402

    UFD402 XS650 Member

    Do you have exhaust pipes?
  5. UFD402

    UFD402 XS650 Member

    Interested in those fish tails.
  6. billy icon

    billy icon test pilot,gunnie pig, and all around experiment

    here is a video I made to show the tank in better detail, I think MR Pete has dibs on it.. but I woul dlike some feedback on how the video looks on your guys end... any critisism is welcome and apreciated, I want to display and describe things to the best possible...... I buy alot of used parts, well we all do when we have vintage and antique bikes, and I usualy have good luck, but sometimes you get something that, is "condition unknown" lol thats what someone puts on ebay when they know the condition is SHITE!!!!!!!!!!! but they just dont care or want you to know, I promise that anything I sell is in useable condition, and if I list it as rebuilt or remanufactured than it is as good as NEW, anyhow right now the fishtales are sale pending, I will update if it falls thru,

    I also have a lathe and a milling machine with boring bars and power hone, so anyone that wants Machining work done I can do it for you at a discount of a shop with a overhead, I do it for fun and a hobby, but I am professionally trained and am a perfectionist so the work will most likley come out better than the shop that just cares about the tottal of the bill... Im experemanting now with surfacing a head and using a thinker MLS head gasket, that will slightly raise the compresion due to surfacing the head, but then the MLS multi layer steel head gasket will bring it back down, (BUT) what im looking to achive with this experiment is to increase the "Squish Band" that way compressing the begining of the gasses twards the spark plug and flame front with sa bit more velosity. ony reserch and development will tell weather this is a benifit, BUT ya anyways, if you want a cyl bored out for the 700 pistons I can do that, I may do one to have eady to send and just do it on a swap out bassis, unless you really are conected to yours... ok thanks yall also tig welding on casses or side covers avalible, if you can imagine it I can do it.

    APcustomcycles and fabrication
  7. ccb1963

    ccb1963 XS650 New Member

    would you have a tci for a 1981 xs650?

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