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free to good home

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by ferrumhominis, Jan 25, 2016.

  1. I have an 81 xs 650 that I did some welding and machine work on. The owner lost interest in the project and told me to "just go ahead and get rid of it" I hate to see it go to waste. I am in Los Angeles, north east I ride but this is not my type of bike. I have about 75% of the bike i am offering it free to someone that wants it.
  2. txbluecollar

    txbluecollar XS650 Addict

    dang! wish I was closer
  3. That is awesome of you dude! If I was closer, I'd buy you a beer!:cheers:

    And then take the bike home!!!!

  4. Any idea what the shipping cost to Australia would be ?? :laugh::eek::laugh:
  5. Gentlemen: It did not take long to find her a good home. A guy from down in Long Beach Ca, is picking it up on Saturday. Sorry I didn't have more than one to give away. I've seen many awesome bikes created from the venerable xs650 on this forum and another. I do welding, machine work and fabrication at my home shop and just couldn't take on another project. You guys keep up the good work!!
  6. Hi Phil. Not sure but most likely not cost effective, I would imagine you would pay less for one you could buy down there. Thanks for your interest, you definitely win for being the farthest away. Good luck on your hunt!!
  7. Nice lookin' bike you got there Airwolfie I would have gladly shared a couple of pints for the trade. Cheers!!
  8. Hello Texasblue: Well your a lot closer than the guy from the U.K. and Phil from Down under. Still Texas ain't just around the corner either especially if your on the east side. I drove across Texas once and I thought I'd never get out of that state!! Looks like you got a good start on the one in the picture. Ride safe watch out for those cages.
  9. txbluecollar

    txbluecollar XS650 Addict

    ya tx is huge. I have never made the drive but I hear its 24hrs or more to cali. the bike in my pic is so close and Icant wait to go for a spin.
  10. weaselbeak

    weaselbeak XS650 Junkie

    I spent a good bit of my mid-life using vacations to camp with the family. Being of limited resources and vacation time, I had to make the most of them. I got into the habit of asking the higher roller campers for destination advise. They almost always suggested to avoid Texas. There was plenty to see, but too much time lost traveling between them. After finally getting in a couple of runs across Texas, I agree with them 100%

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