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Gasket for Fuel Petcock Drain Plug Bolt (for XS650C)

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by YL82, May 22, 2011.

  1. YL82

    YL82 Perpetual Restorationist

    I ordered two Petcock Rebuild Kits (20-0014) from Mikesxs. I have the original fuel petcocks on my 76' XS650C and I decided to replace the gaskets, etc. on my petcocks instead of buying new ones for around $44 each. My petcocks have 3 screws on the backside.

    All is going well, but I'm a little concerned about the diameter of the new red drain plug bolt gaskets that are included in the kit. They seem rather large for the bolt. I do have an inquiry sent to Mikesxs and I'm confident they will advise me on this.

    I thought I might just try a run of the mill rubber gasket, but suspect that these rigid red gaskets are constructed of materials that are resistant to degradation from petroleum hydrocarbons such as gasoline.

    I've looked at other websites (bikebandit, motogrid Yamaha, etc.) to find an OEM repalcement gasket, but nobody seems to have one available for Part Number 801-24437-00-00.

    Comments, Anyone? THANKS!!

    Here are some images:

    1 - New gasket installed under drain plug bolt (hanging over).
    2 - New gasket and petcock drain plug bolt
    3 - Fuel Petcock (R) for XX650C.
    4 - Old worn out gasket on drain plug bolt.

    Attached Files:

  2. XSLeo

    XSLeo XS650 Guru

    Are the gaskets for the fuel barbs the same size? If not try swapping them.
  3. Grinder

    Grinder XS650 Guru

    Found the same thing on my 77. Ended up just re-using the old ones. Don't they actually try these parts on the petcocks before they sell this stuff?
  4. 5twins

    5twins XS650 Guru

    I've heard you can boil those red bakelite washers and they'll swell back up so you can re-use them. Never tried it myself but it's worth a shot. I wouldn't use the ones in the kit.
  5. YL82

    YL82 Perpetual Restorationist

    To follow-up on this, Mikesxs mailed me the correct red bakelite gaskets for the drain plug screws for my petcocks.

    Apparently, their description of the Petcock Rebuild Kit (#20-0014) misidentified the gasket in the kit as the Drain Screw Gasket instead of the Fuel Barb (dare I say it...Nipple) Gasket that it actually is.

    They sent a letter indicating that they will have their suppliers ensure that one (1) drain screw gasket is actually included in the kit from now on.

    I've not seen any revision to their website image and description for this Kit yet...

    Oh, On a related matter, I have a pair of Viton Rubber gloves (probably 24 mil). I used a Cork Borer Set to cut out some Viton gaskets for the drain screw (while I waited on Mikesxs).

    They look pretty good, though I haven't tried them yet.

    Does anyone have any experience using Viton Rubber gaskets on XS650 Fuel systems?

    I've read that Viton Rubber has good resistance to materials like gasoline.

    Attached Files:

  6. Neither would I 5twins....Use the old ones that fit as is

    "Bakelite" is a cured thermosetting phenolic resin 5twins boiling it will do little if anything to help it's ductility. I think you may be thinking of "Nylon"....(polyamide thermoplastics) whose ductility is reinvigorated by hyrolyzing.....boiling water bath helps with a lot of "Nylon" parts which have become brittle with age. Zip ties eg...."fresh again" Blue
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2011

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