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Featured Giveaway: Chop Source Frame Jig Kit! (ends 11pm CDT on May 14th, 2017)

Discussion in 'Shops' started by Travis, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. motomaniac

    motomaniac XS650 New Member

    Absolutely count me in!
  2. kopcicle

    kopcicle antidisestablishmentarian

    well , yeah...
    BigJimmyW13 likes this.
  3. Brian Riveron

    Brian Riveron XS650 Member

    Would love to see what I could do with it.
    Thanks for the awesome giveaways!!
  4. Gixxer1300r

    Gixxer1300r XS650 New Member

    I would love to own this jig but I have a hard enough time scraping up the cash to buy parts. :)
  5. Lucio

    Lucio XS650 New Member

    I'm in! I'm in!
  6. wombatss

    wombatss XS650 Member

    Count me in , I'd love to get my hand's on a set of these , then the one of a kind extra long and high frame for a 6' 5 old man is on it's way .
  7. Zedhead

    Zedhead XS650 Enthusiast

    It's fantastic that you're giving back to the XS community like this! Being in the UK I'll not enter as the shipping costs would be too high, so best of luck to all the entrants in the US, here's hoping the prize goes to someone worthy who'll use it! :)
  8. at 68 years old and still building. This would help me tremendously.. Count me in please
  9. graybikemike

    graybikemike Work to ride,Ride to work

  10. smalls

    smalls XS650 Enthusiast

    awesome, I'm in!
  11. MikeC23

    MikeC23 XS650 Addict

    This would be awesome to have. Good luck everyone!
  12. Kapti

    Kapti XS650 New Member

    Oh hell yea, I'm in.
  13. craig8johnson

    craig8johnson XS650 Member

    Just bought a new welder therefore my allowance for the next six months is gone. I'm pretty sure I deserve this.
  14. jtziggy

    jtziggy XS650 Enthusiast

  15. jtziggy

    jtziggy XS650 Enthusiast

  16. Justin caise

    Justin caise XS650 Member

    So NH
    With this I can build the ... everything!
  17. izatso

    izatso XS650 Member

    I may not be deserving, but I sure want one of these....

    Please count me in!
  18. Ulrik

    Ulrik XS650 New Member

    Perfect, I have a half xs 650 frame and a weld on tail. I`ll take it.:)
  19. dforce

    dforce XS650 Member

    I'm in! Thank you

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