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Featured Giveaway from MikesXS: XSCharge Permanent Magnet Alternator Kit (ends 11:59pm EST on March 1, 2017)

Discussion in 'Shops' started by Travis, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. budgie955

    budgie955 XS650 Member

    count me in

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  2. Sounds good to me. I'm in. Here's mine in NZ.

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  3. Hondo78

    Hondo78 XS650 New Member

    Fingers crossed. I'm restoring my father-in-law's old '78 and this would really help get her moving again. Thanks for the contest!!! IMG_1188.JPG IMG_1348.JPG
  4. afterdefeat

    afterdefeat XS650 New Member

  5. Mikeoplata

    Mikeoplata XS650 Member

    I'm in!!

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  6. SurlyBoy

    SurlyBoy XS650 Enthusiast


    I need parts. Thanks
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  7. Anders JB

    Anders JB XS650 Member

    L8B_2417.JPG L8B_2423.JPG L8B_2428.JPG L8B_2425.JPG L8B_2416.JPG L8B_2413.JPG

    My 100% homebuilt XS650 Tracker......soooo fun to ride this bike,just love it!!
    Greetings from Sweden,,,,
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  8. Tardo

    Tardo XS650 New Member

    And it begins!

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  9. yamrad44

    yamrad44 XS650 Member

    Tracker 1 garage.JPG 76 xs pic 1.JPG Here are a couple of my builds, thanks for looking.
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2017
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  10. jtziggy

    jtziggy XS650 Enthusiast

  11. larryjac

    larryjac XS650 Member

    Please Please Please! 20120912_110532_Android.JPG
  12. Bethinkin

    Bethinkin XS650 Member

    '78 Special. I've done a lot of work on this baby. But the PMA needs the upgrade.

  13. T-Sox

    T-Sox Wrench Monkey

    Count me in!

    Mine still needs some work :laugh2:

  14. jtziggy

    jtziggy XS650 Enthusiast

  15. TwoBanger

    TwoBanger XS650 New Member

    59032_820969179288_7952642_n.jpg Charging system would be an awesome addition to this old girl!
  16. JRay77

    JRay77 XS650 Addict

    image.jpeg I could always use a charging system! See background and all the projects. I order from Mikes all the time! Spent $1000's haha!
  17. dPettson

    dPettson parallel universe

    Greetings from Sweden

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  18. dPettson

    dPettson parallel universe

    My other favorite thing in life
    Greetings from Sweden

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