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Discussion in 'Shops' started by Travis, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. jdreich

    jdreich XS650 Enthusiast


    MOSFET XS650 Enthusiast

    my '79

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  3. loupy

    loupy XS650 Member

    can't wait till spring! IMG_1783.jpg
  4. Screenshot_2017-02-28-13-49-55.png My daughter pretending to ride due to the fact that I have been off and on with it for 2yrs, just odds and ends left! PMA would be awesome
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  5. Moisstink

    Moisstink XS650 Enthusiast

    count me In I could def use this. Still not finished but getting close![​IMG]
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  6. twobowles1

    twobowles1 XS650 New Member

    Ohhh that would be nice addition.:):):):):)
  7. xs2-John

    xs2-John XS650 Member

    Picture 1.jpg
    My XS2 as I bought it, coming together slowly
  8. Cheers from Northern Michigan

    - George
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  9. Dfox

    Dfox Fox

    image.jpg Looks an kicks better 81 xs
  10. Orion61

    Orion61 XS650 Addict

    Brother there is nothing I could use more than this! Or I am afraid she is going to sit another summer...
  11. heck yeah count me in, just grabbed two more disassembled bikes to revive!
  12. khoekema

    khoekema XS650 New Member

  13. Aussie

    Aussie XS650 Enthusiast

  14. khoekema

    khoekema XS650 New Member

  15. ScottRod Customs

    ScottRod Customs XS650 Enthusiast

    Count me in!

    Attached Files:

  16. My old girl Napalm mid cafe build,

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  17. nick3757

    nick3757 XS650 New Member

    I'm in. Here is the project I'm working on.


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