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Giveaway: TC Bros Choppers XS650 Builder Exhaust Kit (ends 11pm CST October 1, 2013)

Discussion in 'Shops' started by Travis, Sep 17, 2013.

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  1. Travis

    Travis Staff Member XS650.com Supporter

    Update 10/2/13:
    Winner Announced here! http://www.xs650.com/forum/showthread.php?p=313103#post313103

    Yamaha XS650 Builder Exhaust Kit Giveaway from TC Bros Choppers (ends at 11pm CST on October 1st, 2013)

    TC Bros Choppers is giving away one of their Yamaha XS650 Builder Exhaust Kits to one lucky member! To enter the drawing, just post in this thread! One entry per person (only the first post by each person in the thread will count). You must post before 11pm CST on 10/1/13 to qualify. The winner will be randomly chosen. Anyone is allowed to enter and shipping will be covered within the U.S. (customers located outside of the United States will need to cover shipping).

    TC Bros Choppers Yamaha XS650 Builder Exhaust Kit - 79.99 value

    • For all years of the Yamaha XS650
    • Includes 2 flanges and collars to fit your stock XS650 head
    • Includes 2 mandrel bent 90 degree pieces
    • Includes 2 mandrel bent 180 degree pieces
    • Includes 2 straight length pieces.
    • Tubing is 1.5 inch diameter 16 gauge mild steel and is bent on a 3" Centerline Radius.
    • Flanges are 1/4 inch thick.
    • Plenty of material is included to make just about any custom exhaust that you think of!
  2. crankel85

    crankel85 XS650 Addict

    I just make a post? well I guess I'm in then
  3. Johnt3

    Johnt3 Still learning...

    Well hell, I'm in brother!:D
  4. tonyc

    tonyc XS650 Guru

    All in for the kit.
  5. jamaral

    jamaral XS650 Addict

    Im in like flynn. Need a custom exhaust. Tired of stock.
  6. bergoff

    bergoff XS650 Addict

    Nice I need a new exhaust. My hack job is falling apart.
  7. chopit25

    chopit25 XS650 Addict

    That would be sweet! :)
  8. jones

    jones XS650 Member

  9. xs650dreamer

    xs650dreamer XS650 Junkie

    was on here earlier and this just came up haha im definetly in tho !
  10. aaronrkelly

    aaronrkelly XS650 Addict

    Id love to get rid of the stockers - love your stuff...im in.
  11. Dieselchanic

    Dieselchanic Intermittent builder

    O yes. I definitely need one of these...
  12. FLEA

    FLEA XS650 Junkie

    yaaa!!! the people next door really need these!!
  13. EvenmoreXS

    EvenmoreXS 1981 XS650

    One dark night in broad day light, two dead men got up to fight. Back to back they faced each other, drew the swords and shot each other. A deaf police man heard the noise and came and killed the two dead boys.
  14. 1911master

    1911master 1911master

    OK, I am a newbie, but I am in.
  15. moto_tuner7st

    moto_tuner7st XS650 Member

    I'm in... bike just got back from paint and going back together, need an exhaust bad!!
  16. ccole3

    ccole3 XS650 New Member

    Count me in for the kit!
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